Easy Eye Exercises To Look Younger

Easy Eye Exercises To Look Younger

Easy Eye Exercises To Look Younger Exercises conjure up an image of lot of huffing and puffing, a bucketful of sweat drained accompanied with tiredness at the end. However, eye exercises are nothing like the regular heavy stuff workouts and if done regularly not only go a long way in keeping your vision healthy but are also great fatigue and stress busters.

Through the right eye exercises, you can say goodbye to some sure signs of ageing like crow’s feet, under eye bags, etc. Along with being very easy to do, these exercises are surprisingly less time consuming. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day and you can keep the ophthalmologist at bay and also get a younger, healthy body in return.

After all our face is also made of a myriad of muscles; while you keep your body trim and young looking through a variety of exercises why not give the same attention to your face. Every muscle can be worked out. Our visage is the first thing that catches attention, and our eyes are the window to our face. Tired looking pale eyes convey an impression of aging. So don’t neglect these important yardsticks. Firmer, clear and healthy, vibrant eyes will surely take the load off your facial maturity. Here are some of the workouts for your eye muscles.

Strengthen Your Eye Muscles

Sitting straight close your eyes, now lift your eyebrows and keep the position for two seconds, then relax. Next open your eyes wide and again remain that way for 2 seconds. Repeat this exercise every day to stop under eye sagging.

Flare and wrinkle your nose and stretch your upper lip to its limit, slightly opening your mouth. Hold the position for 10 sec. and repeat it again. Now place your index fingers on both sides of the cheek just under your eyes and put pressure. Curl up the upper lip while opening your mouth slightly. Retain the position for 10 sec. and repeat after relaxing. This is also a great exercise to firm up your sagging under eye muscles.

Sit straight while facing your front. Move your eyeballs alternately in the clock-wise and anti-clockwise directions. Just remember to sit ramrod and relax your face. Repeat the exercise thrice before looking down. This one is a miracle worker for sagging eyes and crow’s feet.

Exercise For Your Eyelids

Place your middle and index finger together on the outer edges of both the eyes and blink 5 times resisting the opposing movement of eye muscles. Repeat the exercise twice daily to tone out your sagging eyelids.

Put your index and middle finger on the outer and inner edges of both the eyes respectively. Apply a gentle pressure. Now squint your lower lids while moving your eyeballs upwards. Repeat this exercise ten times and say good bye to puffy lower lids thereby making you look younger.

For firming your upper lids and eyebrows, here’s an exercise. Sit straight facing your front, open your eyes wide without wrinkling your brow. Now hold your focus on a point for around ten seconds, and then relax. Repeat five times.

Photo Credit- Sydney4women.com.au