Easy Home Remedies For Teething

teethingTeething is a stage when your baby is usually uncomfortable and feels itchy and irritated in the gums. As a parent and especially if you are a mom, you need to think about ways to give comfort to your baby – can anything be better than trying out home remedies for teething?

These are easy and help in bringing relief to your baby. Try out any or all of these – your baby is surely going to feel comfortable.

Effective Home Remedies For Teething

Give Comfort With Finger Pressure

During teething the gums hurt. Disinfect your hands and apply light pressure on the gums of your gently as if to massage. This will give relief from the pain and your baby will be comfortable.Your fingers will act as a chew toy for your baby, giving relief.

Large Cold Carrot Slices

Teething causes inflammation and if you give your baby cold objects to chew, it will offer relief. Carrots are the most recommended in such a situation.

baby with carrot

Babies can actually try to nibble off the carrots using their gums which helps in numbing the gums. This offers great comfort and helps in reducing the pain caused by teething.

Frozen Fruits And Vegetables

Freeze chunks of fruits and vegetables. Once chilled you can use these vegetables to rub off the gums. However, remember never to give these vegetable or fruit slices in the hands of your baby or it can be a choking hazard. Keep your hands clean and hygienic and rub them over the gums of your baby. The chill is going to numb the gums and offer relief.

Freeze Teething Ring

Teething Ring

If you have brought home teething ring, freeze it before giving to your baby. Chilled things help in creating numbness and will give relief to your baby from the pain.

Use Frozen Washcloths

You can freeze washcloths at home and let them get cold before you give it to your child for chewing. Cold washcloths will help to make the gums numb and your baby will not feel the teething pain. You can also dip this washcloth in chamomile tea just before you freeze it.

Remember to wring out the cloth well before giving it to your baby. You can try out different levels of coldness and note the chill which your baby enjoys. You can also try out various thickness and textures of the cloth used.

Clove Oil

We know about the use of clove in several ailments and its several medicinal properties. Use very little quantity of clove oil and apply it on the gums of your baby.

Clove Oil

Remember not to use too much of this oil, as it can cause blisters. It is best to dilute clove oil with almond oil to be safe.

Ice For Numbness

You can make several teething products at home. One easy way is to put ice-cubes in a washcloth, cheesecloth or handkerchief and give it to your baby. You can even crush the ice before placing it in the cloth also. You can even place frozen fruits and vegetables in a handkerchief and give it to your baby.

These were some easy home remedies which will help to give your baby relief from teething pains. Remember that whichever way or method you choose, you have to maintain high levels of hygiene.