Easy Makeup Tricks For Eyes

Easy Makeup Tricks For Eyes

Easy Makeup Tricks For Eyes Cosmetics are defined as the products that are applied for enhancing the features complementing the look. Make up can be defined as the proper use of cosmetics to highlight you amidst the crowd. Make up is something that every woman irrespective of her age needs to know about. It is merely just not the use of cosmetics but a proper and careful application of cosmetics that need a dedicated practice and experience.

Eyes are the most beautiful part of your body that have the special charm to cast a magic trance on other people. Eyes can speak elusive talks that are left unspoken. Proper eye makeup is not at all a piffling job to accomplish. Mostly women are bewildered with the very thought of eye makeup be it for a party or for some simpler occasion.

It is very obvious to perform mistakes. But the most important step for the accurate eye makeup is not to be afraid of the mistakes. Rather learning from the mistakes and more and more practising will make a perfect eye makeup. Do not give up. Experiment it and practise it. Here we will be discussing the step by step process of your eye makeup.

The steps explained below will be the same for every occasion but the color, the texture and the way it is highlighted will vary from occasion to occasion. And you yourself are the best person to judge the particular make up that suits you the most. But this whole judgement process will develop slowly with practice.

Steps to Apply Makeup for Eyes

Use a Concealer

The dark circles surrounding your eye lose the charm and makes your eyes look tired. It does not give a refreshing look. The first and foremost step is to use a concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles.

Use an Eye Base

Apply the eye base gently with your finger or with your eye shadow brush above the eye lids and blend it well so that the eye colour is not distinguished from the eye base colour. The eye base helps to hold on the makeup without letting it getting smudged away.

Use the Liner

Easy Makeup Tricks For Eyes

Next with a very tender and delicate touch apply the liner on the eyelids. The line can be broad or narrow depending on the shape and size of the eye. A bigger eye needs a darker and broader line while a smaller eye needs a narrower line to make the eyes prominent.

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Apply Kajal

Let the liner dry up and then put kajal on the inner portion of the eye very minutely. Use dabbed cotton to clean up the smudging if any.

Apply Mascara

Very gently apply mascara in a circular motion on the eye lashes. If you want to make the eye lashes more prominent, you can use curler. But be very careful while using curler. After curling the eye lashes you can apply the mascara in a circular motion. Please note that it is the roots of the eyelashes that make the eye lashes prominent and not the tips of the eye lashes.

Use Highlighter

Depending on the occasion you will apply highlighter. The colour and the thickness will vary from function to function. Apply it accordingly.

Do the Eyebrows

Use the eyebrow pencils to draw the brows neatly. It will give a clean look.

Your eyes are now fully prepared to visit any occasion making you confident and spotlit amongst every other individual.