Easy Nail Care Tips

nail careIt is true that while many women are extremely concerned about their figures and faces, they ignore their nails. A popular excuse for ignoring nails is lack of time. However, the truth is that if you have unclean nails or chipped nail polishes, you will come across trashy. For this reason, it is crucial to pay attention to your hands and feet and most importantly, your nails.

Also, keeping clean nails is important from health perspective. If you don’t take care of your hands or nails, chances of getting an infection via unclean nails is high. If you are looking for easy nail care tips that won’t take much of your time, you can refer to this article.

Tips For Nail Care

Always Keep Your Nail Clean

This is the basic rule for nail care. It is crucial to keep your nail clean always. Apart from looking downright tacky, unclean nails are potential sources of infection or even serious diseases.

trim nails

The best way to keep your nails healthy is to trim them regularly. The best time for trimming your nails would be after shower because during this time, nails remain soft. Thus, you can trim easily and that too, without cracking them.

Use Clear Polish

Using clear polish is a good strategy for women who lead a busy life. Though bright nail polishes look good, they often become chipped over time, making the hands look trashy.

bright nail polish

Clear polishes protect your nails and even if they become chipped, it will not be easy for people to recognize the difference. Ideally, you should remove the nail polish at least once in a week so that your nails get to breathe.

Use Moisturizer OnYour Nails

Apart from using moisturizer on your body, it is important to use them on your nails also. This is because like your skin, your nails can also become dehydrated over time.

Moisturizer OnYour Nails

Moisturizing them will make them hydrated and prevent them from breaking. Apart from moisturizing you should also use gloves while cutting acidic fruits that include oranges or lemons. This is because acid found in these fruits can damage your nails, thus making them brittle.

Go For The Oval Shape

Many women love to experiment with shape of their nails – starting from round to oval and square. Occasionally, we also make our nails pointed for giving them a sharp look. Doctors, however, state that while oval shape protects the nails from breaking, square or other shapes can make them brittle.

oval shape

Furthermore, if you give them a pointed look, chances of breakage are higher. Also, it is important to file your nails in a single direction. Moving the nail file to and fro continuously can affect your nail health.

Consider Home Remedies

Implementing certain home remedies can also help you to improve the texture of your nails. For example, you can use warm olive oil on your nails for 10-15 minutes every alternate day. This will make your nails stronger. You can also put your nails in liquid iodine (you can get it at your local store) for getting stronger nails. Get gorgeous nails with the help of these tips.