Easy Stamping Nail Art At Home

Are you bored of painting your nails with a simple nail polish? Do you fancy those pretty and tempting nail designs that you often see at a shopping mall? Here’s the deal. One of the most attractive things that you can buy for your beautiful nails is a nail art set.

Though, there are several types of nail art in the market, the best among all is stamping nail art. This nail art lets you design stunningly gorgeous designs and patterns on your nails. This includes the use of a stamp which will help you to paint a pre-designed image. This is done very delicately and thus, the results achieved are just miraculous.

You can use this stamping nail art on your finger nails or foot nails or both. The amazing part is that you can change your designs on a weekly basis and even on a daily basis. The longevity period of the design image is usually a week, but it has to be done very neatly and properly. When these nail arts were new in the market, people had no choice but to get their nails done at the salons or nail parlours.

But, now with the growing awareness, people are buying these nail art sets and designing their nails at homes and that too at a very affordable price. If you have also bought a nail art set and don’t know how to use it, don’t worry. Just read on and you might find something useful here.

Useful Tips On How To Do Stamping Nail Art At Home

Necessary Requisites

To do this art, you need to have a few basic things and you are all set to go. These are a nail polish of your choice (white works best as a base), nail paint remover, stamper, a metal plate with few designs on it, cotton ball and a swiper to clean out excess nail paint.

Pick Your Favorite Design

Pick Your Favorite Design

Simply choose your desired design from the metal plate and a nail print of your choice to match along with the design. Though you can use a simple nail polish here, but if you have bought a nail art set, you will find a special nail polish. If you have that, use that.

Color The Design

Now, just color the selected design on the metal plate and give it a proper and full nail coat with your nail polish. Don’t worry about wasting some nail polish here. Remember, you want that perfect look that you get at a nail parlour.

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Remove The Extra Nail Paint

Take your swiper and place it on the colored metal plate. Just apply a good amount of pressure and swipe through quickly to clean all the extra nail paint from the plate.

Stamp It Nicely

Take out your stamper and press it hardly on your design on the plate. Make sure that you get all the nail paint on it. Now, simply stamp it on your nails and it’s done. Just enjoy your beautiful painted nails and flaunt them with the right dress.