Easy Steps To Do Nail Art

Easy Steps To Do Nail Art

Easy Steps To Do Nail Art You will notice that women just love their nails especially teenagers. You can spice up your look by doing a nail art. Nail art can complement your outfit and can even add unique flair to your everyday look. You can surely try out beautiful and simple nail arts at your home. Detailed nail art can only be done by professionals.

You can brighten up your nails with unique ideas and designs. All you need is loads of patience and little practice. Nail art can make your hands look beautiful. A fine paint brush and a good set of acrylic paints are required to make a nail art. You can use nail varnish as the base and a good top coat is a must as it will protect your nail art and make sure your design is sealed.

6 Steps to Design a Nail Art

Making Sure that Your Nails Are in Good Shape

Firstly you need to make sure that your nails are in good shape. Your nails should not be bitten. Your nails must be cleaned properly and shaped well before starting with your nail art. This does not mean that you need a manicure rather you only need to clean your nails properly. You can use petroleum jelly to soften your cuticles.

Make Sure to Choose Right Products

You can choose your product according to your own wish and budget. These days you will find a wide range of products in the market. You can experiment with different colors and brands and choose the best among them. You can even buy professional –grade nail art kits which contain many tools which you require to make a nail art such as brushes, stripers, nail art pens and marbling tools. You can use toothpicks or even pens which are not working to make dots.

You can create a nail art on your natural nails or on artificial nails. These days you get a variety of artificial nails with dazzling colors. Make sure you have pure acetone to correct your mistakes and cotton balls or make up pads to apply it. You must even make sure that all your paints that you are choosing are in a good condition so that you can apply it on your nails. Even slightly dried nail paints will give a messy look to your nail art.

Looking for Different Ideas

Look for different and attractive ideas and techniques to create a nail art. You can even take few classes from an expert just for few hours to advance your skills.

Easy Steps To Do Nail Art

You can even buy books on nail art which contains beautiful designs. You can even look out for good ideas on web. You can get thousands of different designs on net and can make choice according to your wish and equipments available.

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Applying a Base Coat

Apply a base coat before designing a nail art. You can go in for any color according to your dress and look. Make your choice accordingly. If you want to flaunt your nail art then you can apply light colors as the base coat such as white, light pink, light blue or any other light color.

These light colors will help you to enhance the look of your designs. You can even choose deep colors but then be careful that your nail art designs are visible on it. Try to apply your base coat evenly so that your nail art looks clean and does not give a messy look.

Designing Your Nail Art

Now its time that you design your nail art but before that make sure that your base coat has dried properly. Have patience. Now use your brushes dipped in the color of your choice to draw beautiful designs. You can draw flowers, butterfly, hearts and the most simple of all dots.

Draw designs according to your choice but don’t go in for too hard designs because usually experts can draw them properly. Choose simple designs which you can create properly without any mistake. These days you get variety of equipments to draw a nail art such as nail art pens. You can use these instead of your brushes because it will help you to reduce your effort. Drawing a nail art with nail art pens is easier than drawing it with brushes.

Applying a Top Coat

After you finish with your designs you can apply a top coat with the help of clear nail paint to protect your nail art. Don’t apply the top coat as soon as you finish with your designs. Wait till it dries properly and then apply the top coat neatly. You can apply this coat once in two or three days to keep your nail art safe.

Be careful while doing any work or wear gloves on your hands to protect your art. Nail art needs proper care else all your efforts will go in vain. These steps will surely help you to design a nail art by yourself