Easy Steps To Get Smokey Eyes

Easy Steps To Get Smokey Eyes

Easy Steps To Get Smokey Eyes Smokey eyes are in trend. Eyes reflect a lot about your character. They are considered as windows of the soul. They reflect about your confidence and getting a perfect eye make up will help you a lot to get the crowds attention in the positive manner. Perfect blending is the key to get Smokey eyes.

Blend colors accurately to avoid fashion disaster. Dark shades will help you to get Smokey eyes look.

How to Get Smokey Eyes

Apply Concealer

The first step is to apply concealer to hide all your blemishes and dark spots or your dark circles. Use the concealer that matches to your skin tone. You can even apply concealer over your eye lid to get a smooth base for eye shadows. Since Smokey eyes will give you a bold look try to make the other parts near your eyes look lighter and the concealer will help you to do so to some extent.

Using Black Eye Pencil

Apply a thinner layer at the corner of your eyes where the upper and lower lids meet and go for a thicker line the other end. Use black or grey for best results. You can smudge it with the help of cotton balls or liner brush. This will help you to get a softer look. If you want to go in for colorful look you can use deep purple or green or any other shades in place of black but make sure that you use the eye shadow colors accordingly. Eye pencils are easier to smudge and give a better look.

Applying Black Eye Liner

You can use black eye liner to define your eyes if you want.

Applying Light Base Color

Easy Steps To Get Smokey Eyes

Apply a light base color over the lids of your brow bones and pair it with darker shades. You can go in for almond color. This neutral shade will give you a better look.

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Applying Darker Shades

After applying lighter shade go in for darker shades to get the Smokey look. Apply dark brown or black or grey on your eye lids and blend it well to get the Smokey look. Don’t pull the eye shadow near the inner corner of your eyes because it might create a circle near your eyes and thus spoil your look.

You can even use shimmer shadows. Shimmers are in trend this season. Applying white eye liner around your tear cuticles will help you to brighten your eyes. This tip is followed by many make up artists to give an attractive look.

Applying Black Kohl

After doing this apply black kohl on top of the eye shadow and smudge it well. You can even avoid this step it totally depends on you.

Applying Mascara

At the end curl your eye lashes with the help of eye lash curler and apply two coats of mascara to make your eye lashes look longer and thicker. You can even use water proof mascara. Go in for either black or brown shades.

Make sure that while doing your make up you use good quality brushes because they will give you the perfect result and help you to achieve professional look. Get a Smokey look only if you have the confidence that you can carry it off. Very few people can carry it off very well.