Easy Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Easy Tips For Fast Weight Loss Losing weight always seems a herculean task because it entails a lot of hard work and a strong will power to say ‘no’ to all your favorite foods and snacks. There are many women who lament that year after year they have vowed on each New Year to lose weight but have never been able to reach their goal due to one reason or other.

Many women have confessed that they could not lose weight because they could not stop their sugar cravings while there are others who sadly share that despite exercising regularly they could not lose their weight totally.

Effective Tips to Lose Weight

Here, in this article, we will give you easy tips to lose weight that will help you lose weight despite your sugar cravings and all other hurdles.

Maintain a Journal

The first step towards losing the optimum weight is to maintain a journal. On day one, write down a well thought out goal of your weight loss plan in very clear and specific words like, “I will lose 10 stones in next two months and will tone my flabby arms too.” Now on daily basis, write this goal in your journal. You can write one page each day. Reiterate the same goal on the entire page. This idea may seem absurd to you in the beginning but as you will start following it, you will realize its power.

As you reiterate the same goal several times while writing in your journal, your subconscious mind takes note of it so next time when you think of eating that entire chocolate pie, it quickly tells you to restrain yourself since you have to lose 10 stones in next two months and have to tone your flabby arms. This reiteration also helps you in maintaining your exercise schedule.

Start Your Day with Some Water and a Fruit

The first thing we all do in the morning is to make that huge mug of tea or coffee for ourselves and sip that in a leisurely mood. We believe that the tea or coffee activates our minds and bodies and prepares us for the long day. Unfortunately, that is not true. The fact is that by sipping that huge mug of tea and coffee, we subject our hungry body (you did not eat anything throughout the night for 8 – 10 hours) to stress and suppress our hunger.

Later, by the time we take our breakfast, our body gets so hungry that we binge. This haphazard pattern of first starving and stressing the body and then bingeing with a lot of breakfast leads to a sluggish digestion and sluggish metabolism. Our body begins to accumulate the fat because it is not sure when will it get the next meal.

Easy Tips For Fast Weight Loss

As a result, we tend to put on weight. To reverse this situation, to nourish your body and to speed up your metabolism you should start your day with a glass of water followed by a nourishing fruit like an apple or a banana or an avocado or anything. After eating your fruit, wait for half an hour and then take your tea. This process will help your body assimilate the nutrients and then it will receive the caffeine of tea/coffee without any stress.

Try to Replace Regular Tea/Coffee with Green Tea

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and is a super beverage. Green tea helps your body to perk up its metabolism and help you lose weight fast. Try to replace your regular tea with green tea. 3-5 cups of green tea a day can do wonders for your body shape. The added bonus is that green tea will make your hair and skin glow with beauty.

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Eat Every Two Hours

Make it a rule that you will eat every two hours in the day. This includes two snacks and three main meals. In snacks, you can take fruits, salads, protein based snacks, whole grains based snacks, etc.

Eating at regular intervals will assure your body that it will get regular supply of calories for proper functioning and hence it will not store the fat in your body. By eating five meals a day, you will also get habitual to eat a small portion at one time which is very important for losing weight consistently.

Eat all the Nutrients

While trying to lose weight, never ignore any nutrient. Your body needs everything. Proteins, Carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. By leaving out one group of foods you help your body in slowing down its metabolism and hinder its proper functioning. So, never leave a food group totally.  You can eat them wisely though. Try to eat more of fruits, vegetables, proteins. Limit your portions of carbs and fats.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is very important for losing weight. By exercising you lose the calories on a daily basis and begin to lose weight eventually.

Easy Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Try to include cardio like walking, jogging, running, swimming, etc. Physical activity of 45 minutes a day for 4 days can help you lose weight easily. Try to include weight training, strength training, breathing exercises, etc along with the cardios.

Bring Variation in Your Exercise Routine

Do not do the same exercises on a daily basis. When we do the same exercises on a daily basis, our bodies get used to those exercises and kind of stop losing weight. That’s the reason why many people complain of reaching a plateau and not losing further.

Bring variation in your exercises. Include various things like interval training, boot camp exercises, circuit training, yogasans and, Five Tibetan Rites, weight training, etc. Sometimes indulge yourself in sports like playing badminton, table tennis, swimming, etc. This constant variation in your exercise pattern will shock your body and it will keep losing weight without reaching a plateau.

Relax One Day in a Week

In order to sustain your weight loss program for a long time, it is also very important to let your hair down and relax for a day. Earmark a day when you will relax and eat and chill. Eat small portions of your favorite desserts on that day and relax on that day. You can also avoid exercising one day in a week.

Make it a Mantra to Respect and Love Yourself

Whether you are slightly plump or obese, never let this come in your way of loving and respecting yourself. Love yourself and don’t be harsh with yourself regarding your looks. Before going to bed, gaze in the mirror and repeat three times, “I love myself, I respect myself”. This self love and self respect will take you long way in losing weight and will keep your image high, a very important ingredient for success in life.

Follow these easy tips and you will be finding the needle on the weighing machine going left hand side consistently!!!