Easy To Do Fishbone Braiding Styles

Easy To Do Fishbone Braiding StylesSet an aura of style and perfection with your Fishbone braiding Style. This looks elaborate, intricate and gives an organised or messy appearance at the same time. You could plait Fishbone styles along the entire length of your hair, on the upper side or just pick up the lower half of your hair mass to plait.

Fishbone braids are also called as fishtail braids or Herringbone hair dos. This is pretty easier than your French knots and looks elegant on a regular day out at the church or a shopping complex. You could conveniently wear this style to your school, college or office. We demonstrate some easy and pictorial steps for you to learn and master a Fishbone Braiding style impeccably. Brush your hair carefully so that no tangled frizz is left.

Ways To Do Fishbone Braiding Styles

Step 1: Partitioning The Hair

To begin with, divide your hair in two equal halves at the portion of your head where you want to tie a Fishbone Braid.

Partitioning The Hair

For easy understanding we are elaborating this braiding technique along the full hair length.

Step 2: Picking The Pinch And Mixing To Other Side

Grab a pinch from the outer side of one section and integrate it to the opposite hair strand. Use your index finger to grab the outer pinch and roll it over to cross to the other side for a perfect finish.

Picking The Pinch And Mixing To Other Side

Be sure to choose a thin pinch of your hair subsection so that it does not look like a usual hair braid. Impart sufficient tension to make the fishbone braid firm.

Step 3: Crossing Over

Again grab a pinch of hair from outer side of opposite subsection and cross it over the initial pinch. This is done to ensure that the crossed strands does not slip and remain intact at one place.

Step 4: Moving Through The End

Repeat Step 2 and 3 until you are finished with entire length of the hair. Always be careful to impart optimum tension while you braid. Intermittently, move your hands over the open or unbraided portion of hair to make sure that there is no knot or mess up left anywhere that could interfere with your further plaiting.

Step 5: Tying The End

Apply a transparent nylon rubber to fasten the end or use colorful yarns to give a more trendy appearance.


1. It is easier to work a Fishbone braiding style on slightly wet hair so you do not miss any fly aways and get a neat and uniform braid.
2. The Fishbone hairstyle looks more elaborate and beautiful on longer hair
3. If left knotted overnight this Fishtail Braid gives beautiful wavy curves to your entire hair length next day
4. Do not pull your hair too hard to hurt the scalp
5. Use bobby pins to secure fly aways

A Fishbone braiding style is seen everywhere these days, celebrities wear it more commonly. You could be little innovative and tuck the hair inside to display a lovely done bun and adorn it with a flower on the side.

Colorful Yarns At The Tip

Alternatively, you could tie Fishbone braids on two lateral halves and tie it at the back leaving the rest of hair open. To be more style quo tie thin strands of your hair with colorful yarns at the tip and then go along applying the Fishbone braid. This adds volume to your braid and gives it a colorful display.