Easy Updos For Curly Hair

If you stay in a country with a hot and a humid climate then you must be having a tough time managing your curly hair. Managing curly hair might seem to be a nightmare but you can make it look sophisticated with an updo. There are some easy updos for curly hair which will not only make you look sassy but sleek too.

Hair updos do not take much of your time. Some updos take as little as just five minutes. They give you an attractive look for a casual as well as a formal occasion. For some women summers may seem to be incomplete without the updos especially for beach parties. You can be ready with your messy updos, half updos or side buns in no time.

How Do Half Updos Look?

To create half updos you just need a few bobby pins. If your hair is fine then apply some stylk\ing mousse and gently tease your hair. After separating the side parts of your hair you need to twist them and take them back and then pin them at a secure position. Boho braids can make your updo look sophisticated.

For a more glamorous look you can make a side-parting and then braid only that particular part of your hair. The sides can then be pinned at the back.You can sport this hairstyle to give yourself gorgeous look in a few easy steps, even if you have curly hair. In that case you just need to pin the sides to the back. To make it look better you may use jeweled pins.

How Are Messy Updos?

To have an extraordinarily feminine look you can opt for the quick messy updos. You will need bobby pins, volumizing mousse, a hairspray and a headband to make it look attractive. Start teasing your hair backwards after applying the mousse. Make sure that the strands that you twist and pull backwards are large enough.

After taking them back pin them in the lower portion of your head. You must make sure that it looks really messy and is not smoothened. After applying a hairspray fix it with a headband. A jewel headband could be a better option for a formal occasion.This hairstyle is one of the easy updos for curly hair.

How Can Side Bun Updos Look Elegant?

If you want to have a fresh and a youthful look then go for a side bun updo. The updo can be a really messy along with braided bangs and a side-parting. It can also give a sleek look. To make it look perfect for any occasion you can accessorize with some jeweled pins or other forms of hair jewelry. All you need to do is pull back your hair onto a side and then pin up the remaining hair to form a swirling bun.

Trendy Hair Updos

You may choose to sport romantic tendrils at prom nights, weddings, etc. Firstly you need to curl short tendrils. Then sweep your hair into a bun. You have to make some of your hair strands fall around your face. The bun should be pinned using bobby pins.

A chignon can be created if you have long hair. Tie a lower ponytail at first. Then divide it into two equal parts. Twist one of the sections and take it to the opposite side and wrap around the base of the ponytail. Repeat the procedure with the other part and pin it. You are then ready with a chignon!

Photo Credit : Modnefryzury.eu