Easy Workout Routine For Women

Easy Workout Routine For Women

Easy Workout Routine For Women Women seldom give time and attention to themselves. This has resulted in a poor quality of life – mentally and physically. A simple key to high quality life is through regular exercises at the gym. Exercises are not just for shaping up but also for maintaining good health. It improves the circulation of oxygen, builds additional blood vessels, kills stress, stores higher rate of energy, increases muscle size, improves lungs ability, takes good care of the heart, etc.

The step one towards a better self is to promise sincere workout at the gym. The Step two is to follow the step one.

It is Simpler Than It Seems!

There are innumerable exercises for various muscles. It is very important to choose the most appropriate ones, the ones that work on multiple muscles and burn higher number of calories. Exercises also depend on the body type; some need more stress on tummy while some need to emphasis on thighs or hips. Choosing the right ones and working out the right way finishes the workout sooner showing better results.

A personal trainer is not necessarily needed if you know what exactly you want your body to be. Loosing fat would need more Cardiovascular exercises while toning the body depends on the weight training. Figuring a perfect balance between these two often gets tricky. But as you start working out you can yourself feel the difference and stress on particular muscles. After about a couple of weeks, you can plan your workout yourself!

Workout Schedule

The most common schedule is a pattern of four days. Three days of constant exercise must be followed by rest for the muscles to relax on the fourth day. This planner would not only give you satisfaction alongwith breather, but it’s also the most convenient of all the schedules drafted out there.

Day 1 : Begin cardiovascular exercises with Abs. It would warm you up and prepare your body for all the strenuous exercises that would follow.

Day 2: Upper body exercises would be conducted the next day, by you. These exercises would release stiff joints and prepare your body almost fully for the final round of exercise that is supposed to be followed on the third day.

Day 3: Lower body exercises are to be kept on your planner for the fourth day. That’s it! You’re done.

Day 4: Relax your body. Take a walk in the park for about 10 minutes or play some sport! Take a break and give your body some time to revive. Don’t go overboard with these exercises or else you would not derive the best results.

Warming up

Before beginning with any exercises –Cardio or weight training make sure to do the warm ups for least 10 minutes. These could be rotating the head, wrists, shoulders, legs and waist clockwise and anti-clockwise. Stretching proves a very relaxing warm up too. Do not hurry through these as they are much more important than they may seem. The exercises must ALWAYS conclude with these warm ups.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio is a must for every women, it serves as a vital warm up and loosens the muscles and fat. Ideally one must begin with brisk walking for 10-12 minutes on a treadmill, gradually increasing the speed and time. Similarly use machines like the stepper, cross trainer and cycling.

Easy Workout Routine For Women

Stepper and cross trainer burn maximum calories! Try focusing on them the most. The ladies with a back or knee ache can cycle for longer. Make sure to start with zero incline and minimum time and gradually increase the target incline point and time. Do not over exceed as that could affect your muscles and heart.

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Weight Training

Here one has two options- either use the weights or the machines. None are better than the other. One must make sure no matter what they use, they must hold the position for a couple of seconds before going back to the relaxing state. There are a few parts in every body that have stubborn fat stored, sure it is difficult to lose them but regular exercises are a quick definite solution!

Few Useful Exercises Are Listed Below. After A While One Could Add More To Her Workout Chart Or Simply Increase The Sets.

Useful Exercises

Abs Exercises

Abdominal exercises tone and strengthen the core muscles, these exercises are of utmost importance. There are variations for upper and lower abs. Crunches is a must! There are three positions to these, one can combine all or stick to one. Along with these it is important to practice oblique exercises for the love handles and the feminine curve.

Arms Exercises

Women are not born with a stronger upper body like men. Hence more concentration will be needed in this area. Make sure to regularly follow the biceps, triceps and shoulder exercises.

Chest Exercises

Most of the women are recommended to not stress on chest exercises. However working on the chest in moderation is perfectly all right. It helps in shaping flowing busts and strengthening the posture. Chest exercises are Push ups, Bench press, Dumbbell fly, Chin ups, cable cross overs, etc.

Back Exercises

Most of the women, especially the mature ones have a lot of fat stored at the back with a bad hunch. While cardio takes care of the fats, the following exercises will help with a stronger posture. Barbell Exercise, lat pull down, pull ups, rear dealt fly, one arm dumbbell, back extensions, etc.

Leg Exercises

Legs have the most number of exercises for thighs, calves and ankles. For Thighs one must follow Squats and Lunges that work on the hips too. For calves, raise them sitting and standing position slowly, holding them in the air for about 2 seconds. Ankles must be rotated with and without weights. There are several machines that serve leg exercises that one could depend on.

Following a regular schedule helps one achieve their target sooner as well as staying active and lively each day! You would feel and see the difference for yourself. If needed, reward yourself every week for being punctual at the gym!