5 Way To Eat Through Stomach Ulcers

5 Way To Eat Through Stomach Ulcers

Ever had burning and stabbing pain in your stomach after meals? If yes, then my friend your stomach is being attacked by stomach ulcers.Helicobacter Pylori is the villain that causes stomach ulcers in most people and to fight a villain we need heroes.

All you need to do is call upon our superheroes ‘The League of Extraordinary Unulcerites’! Stomach ulcers literally eat away your strength. The best way to fight them is to eat through them. Let us look at the super powers each of our Unulcerites possess.

Diet For Stomach Ulcers

Super Cabbage

Our first hero and the leader of the league is Super Cabbage. He has the power of insoluble fiber. He also possesses the powers of amino acids and glutamine.


Insoluble fiber helps with digestion along with amino acids but it is actually glutamine that stimulates the healing. The juices present in a cabbage putrefy matter in the intestines and thus help with digestion.

Super Twins

Our second set of heroes are the Super Twins Apple and Banana.They have the power of mildness. These two super fruits are non-citrus and do not cause heart burn. Apples and bananas are loaded with Vitamin C which is a very powerful natural antioxidant.

apple & banana

Vitamin C enhances the body’s resistance towards infections such as ulcers. Eating them at least two to three times a day will give you the energy you need.

Dairy Don

Meet our third super hero Diary Don. His super power is that he comes in many shapes and sizes and the best shape and size to consume while having ulcers are low fat cream cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream.

dairy products

Dairy products, especially cottage cheese,are a great source of Vitamin B12 and proteins. So say cheese and gobble up the delicious cheese whenever you feel like it.

Super Grains

Rice and corn are the Super Grains.They are most powerful when consumed whole. Consuming of pasta, graham crackers, and cereal can also be very helpful. They are easily digestible so your stomach will not have to work in an over drive trying to digest them while fighting the ulcers.


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Mr. Chamomile

Mr. Chamomile or in easier terms chamomile tea has the power to soothe and relax the stomach muscles.It is most sane to choose a calm relaxed stomach over a painful one so do not forget to pour four or five cups of chamomile tea down your throat a day when struck with stomach ulcers.

chamomile tea 1

For the League of Extraordinary Unuleriters to perform to their fullest there are some foods and food types that you strictly need to avoid.

They are:
• Spicy and fried foods
• Any kind of coffee, caffined and decaffined beverages
• Citrus fruits
• Cola/soda drinks
• Smoking and alcohol

The League of Extraordinary Unuleriters are the most comfortable way to beat the blues when suffering with stomach ulcers. If your ulcers are severe, then the healing powers of our super five may not be as effective and you may need to consult a doctor to help the super five combat the stomach ulcers. Good luck and happy eating!