Eat your way to better hair

Ali LohanYour hair does not rank first or even close to the top ten on the priority list of your body. Therefore, if your body will lack any nutrients and your hair seem to have them, then they are bound to be at the losing end. As a result, the hair loses its health and becomes dry and brittle.

Therefore, it becomes important to eat a balanced diet that will nourish the essential organs well enough so that hair also gets nourished. What you put in your stomach, will definitely affect your hair. Hair follicles have to compete with other body organs for nutrients from the bloodstream. Therefore, if your bloodstream is rich in nutrients, your hair will get a fair share for itself.

This certainly does not mean have breakfast and stay away from a bad hair day. However, some problems that can be solved through a balanced diet are discussed below.

Oily hair

If your hair has been oily all along, it is probably genetic. However, if you have seen a sudden change, then you should check your spices intake. Some foods cause the skin to sweat, so the scalp sweats and hence the excess oil.

Dull hair

Dull hair means that the hair cuticle is damaged or lifted because of which it is not able to reflect light and shine. You need a flat cuticle, for which you can eat protein rich foods like poultry, fish, dairy products, nuts, seeds or pulses.

Dry hair

If you do not have enough fatty acids, you will have dry hair. Eat nuts, seeds and oil fish like mackerel to boost the essential fatty acids. These foods are also protein rich, so you will get glossy hair also.

Hair that won’t grow

Vitamin B provides the body with energy. This is needed for hair growth. Eating less and more often will keep your energy levels high. You can eat eggs, fish, milk, nuts and pulses.

Thinning hair

Thin hair are directly related to iron deficiency. If your body is iron deficient, then iron from your hair follicles will be used up for other important cells like the bone marrow. This will leave your hair follicles weak and cause the hair to fall off. This leads to thinning of hair.