Eating Healthy for Pregnancy

Planning for a baby? Make sure that you baby has a good place for the next 9 months. For this you should take good care of yourself. Be in good health and spirits as this will directly affect the baby that is growing within you.

Eat healthy and eat right. Include lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Include leafy vegetables. Have your meals at correct time. Don’t skip your breakfast; rather have a nutritious and a high calorie diet in the morning.

Cut down your alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, completely. All these will have adverse effects on the baby. Cut down on your caffeine intake too, since high caffeine can increase your chances of miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight. Tobacco can affect your fertility and your chances of conceiving a baby. It’s applicable to both men and the women. Men with tobacco intake have reduced sperm count.

Folic acid is very necessary for normal growth of the baby. Make sure you get sufficient quantities of it. If your doctor prescribes you folic acid tablets, take them regularly. There are also some food items, which are rich in folic acid such as Orange juice, peanuts, broccoli, lentils, which you must consider adding to your diet.

Switch to organic foods which are free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. If you are a non vegetarian, switch to organic meat and dairy products. Non organic meats contain artificial growth hormone, which may not be good for your reproductive health.

Keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range. A drop in blood sugar can release adrenalin and hinder the production of progesterone, which is necessary for pregnancy.

Food that contain omega 3 fatty acids help in conceiving. They reduce inflammatory conditions in the body and improve blood circulation which can nourish the reproductive organs.

Certain food items like alfalfa, pepper and cinnamon reduce the fertility because of their drying action. They dry the cervical mucus and decrease the mucous present during ovulation, which decreases the ability of the sperm to swim and reach the egg.  Foods like soybeans should also be avoided as they cause hormonal fluctuations, sometimes acting quite like birth control pills.