Eating well-Frequently asked questions Part 2

eating-wellThere are several misconceptions about nutrition, so much so that it is hard to tell the fact from the fiction. A few questions about nutrition have been answered here.

How much carbohydrate/fat/protein is healthy for me?

Just like all fat is not bad, all carbohydrate is also not bad. Everything simple seems to be good, not so with carbohydrates. Simple ones that are in white bread, sugar, juices, candy are bad while the complex ones that are in veggies are good. So take in the good and leave out the bad.

You should take at least 50-60% carbohydrates, 20-30% fat and 10-30% protein. You can maintain this intake to be healthy.

What is better, juice or soda?

Beware of labels that say ‘juice drinks’ or ‘fruit cocktails’ because they are just as bad as soda. Go for labels that say ‘100% juice’ but there is no need to take too much of that either.

What do I do if I have food cravings?

The best way to get over a food craving is to satisfy it. But no need to go all the way. Just have a little of what you crave, a handful of chips or just a square of your favourite chocolate, not more.

However, if you can’t stop after eating the first bite, go for low fat options. The thing to remember here is that even though it is low fat, it still has fat so do not over indulge yourself.

The best and the hardest thing to do if you just can’t control yourself is to keep your house snack-free entirely.

Is there any relief for my cholesterol?

Have soluble fibre rich foods like beans, oats and soy protein.  These will lower the bad cholesterol. You can also go for a low-fat diet, avoiding junk food and taking fruits, vegetables, legumes and food grains.

Is a night snack so bad?

It is same as any other time of the day, if you overdo it then it is bad. So have a nice meal so that you do not have cravings in the night. However, if you have them, then do not have anything more than 300 calories.

Is smoking good to lose weight?

The answer is yes and no. Smoking reduces your appetite and hence, you lose weight. However, it is in no way an alternative to consider because it has enough harms of its own.