Effect Of Radiation On Developing Fetus

Effect Of Radiation On Developing Fetus

Effect Of Radiation On Developing Fetus Pregnant women have a host of issues to deal with ranging from the nutritional requirements to the numerous medical check ups, that have to be performed on a regular basis to ensure that their babies are growing normally and are healthy.

If you are pregnant, you might be mentally and physically drained out with the sudden changes your body undergoes to accommodate a fetus that is growing at an extremely fast rate. X rays become an important aspect of pregnancy. X rays are used to check the possibility of unwanted complications that could arise during pregnancy.

These tests are also very useful in detecting any unusual development in the fetus, helping the doctors to figure out the abnormality and treat the condition accordingly. X rays are amazingly beneficial in checking the overall growth and development of the fetus, helping the medical fraternity reduce the high number of failed pregnancies or miscarriages.

Effects Of High Levels Of Radiation On Humans

When exposed to high level of radiations, adults are known to develop several complications like cancer and physical deformity or mental instability. The deadly atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have left people in the region crippled even today, with a large number of babies being born with deformities and mental immaturity. These are living testimonials of the harmful radiations released from atomic bombs.

The possible complications that could arise from excess radiation exposure include:

1. Permanent genetic damage
2. Malformation or immaturity of several organs and tissues in the fetus
3. Mental instability
4. Physical abnormality

Excess Radiation Exposure On Fetal Development

When the fetus is exposed to large doses of radiation, the aforementioned complications are very much possible. This is because the fetal tissues and cells have an extremely high rate of reproduction. The cells and tissue multiply at a fast rate making it easily possible for the genetically modified or damaged cell to produce large number of malformed cells in a short period of time, crippling the overall growth and development of the baby considerably.

Fetal Vulnerability When Exposed To X-Rays

The dosage of X-Rays used for checking the growth and development of the fetus are extremely low and are well within the permissible limit. Moreover, it is extremely important to understand that the mother’s placental tissue plays a crucial role in absorbing a huge percentage of X-Rays, preventing the growing fetus from getting affected in the first place.

Since your baby is placed deep inside the womb and is protected very efficiently, there is no need for you to worry about the potential side effects that might arise from regular X-Rays check ups.

X-Rays: A Necessity

According to a large number of reports published, the dangerous effects of not having an X-Ray performed are much higher as opposed to the so called “harmful effects” of radiations on the developing fetus. This is because a large number of complications are easily diagnosed and treated when a timely X-Ray is performed on the mother. X rays are also extremely beneficial in helping the doctor monitor the development of the baby, thus ruling out the possibility of complications during or after birth.

Therefore, it is extremely important for expectant mothers and those planning to conceive to get such doubts and notions cleared instead of worrying needlessly about radiation effects on their babies.