Effective 5 Natural Cures For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal NeuralgiaIn trigeminal neuralgia the patient suffers from intense chronic pain in the face. The pain originates in the trigeminal nerve that sends impulses from the face to the brain. Even mild stimulation of the face, like applying makeup, can cause intense pain. In the beginning the attacks are short and mild, but the duration and intensity increases with time.

The pain can be of the type that is burning, crushing, and electric shock like, pressing, shooting or exploding pain and is one of the worst pains known to humans. It is believed to be caused by the reactivation of latent herpes simplex virus. However, there is a natural cure for trigeminal neuralgia that can give relief from the intense pain.

Best Natural Cures For Trigeminal Neuralgia


This is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that heals by enhancing the free flow of Chi or energy in the body. Acupuncture is one of the best treatments for chronic pain which cannot be cured by modern medicine.


The treatment involves inserting of needles at specific points in the skin which is said to remove the blocked energy in the body that is causing the pain. Many patients with trigeminal neuralgia have benefitted by this treatment.

Cranial Sacral Healing

This alternative energy healing system works on the theory that the cranial bone and the sacral bone both vibrate at a frequency in harmony with each other.

Cranial Sacral Healing

When these frequencies are disturbed it causes various ailments in the body. The treatment involves the proper alignment of the vibrations of these two bones at opposite ends of the spinal column. This is a great natural cure for trigeminal neuralgia.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation involves the manipulation of the spinal column and the back muscles and bones in order to alleviate painful conditions. There are many professionals who are licensed in the practice of this method of treatment. Like acupuncture, this method is also known to heal many chronically painful conditions. Many patients of this ailment have benefitted by this method.


Reiki is a method of energy healing which involves the channelizing the universal healing energy into the body and this energy is used by the body to cure itself of various ailments. Reiki is essentially a Japanese method of healing and quite popularly used in Japan. Many so called incurable diseases show definite benefit by the application of this treatment method.


The best part about Reiki is that with a little effort you can learn to give yourself a Reiki treatment which works just as well as taking the treatment from a healer. This treatment method acts as a natural cure for trigeminal neuralgia and many other ailments. For best results you can try a combination of Reiki and other treatment like acupuncture or chiropractic.


This method of medicine works on the principle that the substance that causes an ailment in large amounts will actually heal the same ailment when taken in homeopathic preparations. Homeopathy is also a holistic method of medicine and enhances the body’s ability to fight disease. This system also works at balancing the energy in the body to remove pain.