Effective Body Skin Care Tips

Effective Body Skin Care Tips

Effective Body Skin Care TipsMost of us tend to take care of our facial skin and end up neglecting the skin on the other areas of the body. While we take painstaking measures to keep our facial skin soft, supple and beautiful, we fail to notice the skin on the rest of our body which seems to scream for attention. The result? We end up looking gorgeous from above but dull and aged neck down.

Counterproductive Skin Care: Taking Care of the Face and Neglecting the Rest of the Body

The skin on the body is similar to the skin on the face in many ways. Even though facial skin is more sensitive to external elements, bodily skin needs its daily quota of nourishment and can take a toll if not taken care of properly. Failing to do so will result in aged looking skin that will overshadow your beautiful face and make you look old. And you will end up wearing clothes that cover these unattractive areas.

Healthy skin is not just a reflection of how your face skin. A truly healthy skin would make the entire body look youthful and radiant. So if you want a truly healthy skin, here’s what you need to do to take care of your bodily skin.

The 4 Step Routine for Effective Body Skin Care

The skin on your body needs the same basic care as the skin on your face. And by basic, I mean the regular care that you subject your facial skin to. Beautiful, youthful skin would need to be cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized and protected if it needs to stay that way. And the skin on your body needs the same.

Choosing Products based on your skin type

Before cleansing, exfoliating or moisturizing, you need to find out your skin type in order to ascertain which products would suit you best in each department. While individuals with oily skin need to opt for products that don’t aggravate the sebaceous glands present in the body, individuals with dry skin need to opt for products that don’t cause irritation. With the right product to back you up, you can go about the routine with ease without worrying about unnecessary side effects.


Just like facial skin, the bodily skin needs to be cleansed at least once every day to remain clean and hydrated. The number of times you cleanse your body skin would also depend on your skin type. Individuals with oily skin can opt for one cleansing session every day with a product that is gentle and does not clog up the pores on the skin surface. Rich lotions or creams can cause acne and so need to be avoided at all costs.

Individuals with dry skin can opt for rich moisturizing creams for cleansing and need to follow up with at least two sessions a day for best benefits. Those with sensitive skin need to use products that don’t cause irritation. In this case, natural products are considered the best option. Always cleanse your skin in lukewarm water. Hot water can damage dry or sensitive skin. On the other hand, opting for a cold water rinse after a cleansing session will close up the pores present in the skin and make your skin look youthful and radiant.


Exfoliation is deemed necessary for skin rejuvenation as it helps remove dead cells from the skin surface, thereby creating a natural, youthful glow. And while a person with dry or sensitive skin would need only one exfoliating session a week, an individual with oily skin would need to opt for more than one session every week (preferably 3 or 4 times in a week).

Effective Body Skin Care Tips

Always choose a gentle scrub that does not cause damage to the skin. You can opt for homemade scrubs that would be gentle on the skin and not cause any harmful side effects like irritation or skin allergies. Accordingly, a scrub made from sugar or oatmeal can be considered best for those with sensitive skin. Homemade scrubs are also considered the best for dry skin which can get drier with over the counter products which usually contain alcohol.

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As in the case of exfoliation, the number of moisturizing sessions needed by an individual would depend on his/her individual body skin type. Individuals with oily or sensitive skin need to be extremely careful while choosing the right moisturizing cream or lotion.

While rich moisturizers can clog up pores and cause conditions like acne, extensive moisturizing would damage the skin. Products like petroleum jelly and baby oil should also be avoided as they can aggravate the sebaceous glands on the skin surface and make you look oilier in the process. Individual with dry skin need not worry as much though. They can opt for rich, creamy moisturizers and can benefit from more than one moisturizing session every day (preferably twice during the day and once overnight).

Applying the moisturizer on damp skin right after a bath can enable the skin to absorb the lotion/cream better. A coat of petroleum jelly or baby oil over the moisturizer can lock the moisture and keep the skin hydrated for longer periods. Certain products are considered safe for all skin types. For instance, if you are confused about your skin type or are finding it difficult to choose the right kind of moisturizer for your body, opt for a product like Aloe Vera that works well for all conditions.


Even though cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your body skin can make it look beautiful and young, you would need to protect it from potential hazard that can put all your efforts to shame. The ‘SUN’ and its harmful UV Rays.

The sun’s rays have the potential to pass through even clouds en route to your skin. Once they reach the skin, there is no telling what they can do to harm it. Some of the more serious anomalies include dark spots, discoloration and even skin cancer in some cases.

Make it a point to protect your skin from the sun every time you step out of your house. Use a good quality sun block or sunscreen (preferably one that has a SPF factor of 30 or more). Apply the sunscreen over your body before stepping out and apply it all over your body again after a few hours. This will keep your skin safe from all the hazards caused by the sun’s rays.

Make it a point to wear sun block even if it is cloudy outdoors or if you prefer to stay indoors. The sun’s rays can pass through walls the same way they can pass through clouds. And they can still end up hurting your skin. So better be safe now than sorry later on!