Effective Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian Hair Treatment

Brazilian Hair TreatmentThe curly-haired women’s quest for straight, shiny, smooth hair without tethering the hair to straightening iron has brought Brazilian hair treatment to the realm of popular hair smoothening procedures. Also called Brazilian Keratin treatment, the procedure infuses keratin protein into hair with help of a chemical aldehyde.

Keratin, being an inevitable part of nails, hair and skin does not only add shine to hair but also strengthens it. Brazilian hair treatment is one of the most recommended options for hair straightening, especially for those women who want to stay away from chemical hair straightening. However, it is very important to be aware of the pros and cons of this treatment.

Brazilian Hair Treatment

The Process

Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, the complete Brazilian hair straightening treatment can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. The stylist first washes your hair using a clarifying shampoo that is salt-free. The hair is then blow dried and sectioned such that a special keratin solution covers each strand of the hair from top to bottom.

After the application of the solution, the hair is subjected to flat-iron that has been heated to 450° Celcius. This process infuses keratin into hair, thereby smoothening follicles’ edges and bestowing shine and luster to hair.

Brazilian Hair Treatment Pros

Brazilian Keratin treatment is for anyone who wants to achieve relaxed hair without infusing harmful chemicals into hair that further have devastating results. Other than the fact that keratin is a natural protein that is found in nails, hair and skin, there are some additional benefits of the treatment. Brazilian hair treatment can be done on relaxed, color treated or chemically straightened hair.

Brazilian Hair Treatment

The treatment it suitable for men as well as women and it can be done on all hair types. Unlike other treatments that result in dry, frizzy and wavy hair, Brazilian hair treatment infuses moisture into hair and that lasts for as much as six months. Additionally, the fizzes get eliminated and what you get is a silky, shiny appearance that lasts for a minimum of 3 to 4 months. Your hair not only looks beautiful, it also becomes easier to manage.

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Brazilian Hair Treatment Cons

Similar to other hair treatments, Brazilian hair treatment also has some downfalls. In fact, some of these disadvantages are bad enough to avoid opting for Brazilian hair treatment. Brazilian hair treatment after care can be quite expensive. The cost of the treatment usually ranges from $250-$400. Additionally, when you go for retouch, your hairstylists can easily charge you between $50 and $75.

Another problem that you will face if you go for Brazilian hair treatment is that you cannot wash your hair until four days after you have got the treatment done. In case, you cannot avoid washing your hair, you need to blow dry it immediately. Moreover, Brazilian hair treatment is not suitable for nursing or pregnant women.

According to chemist Doug Schoon, it is not keratin but formalin (gas formaldehyde) that causes straightening of hair. Because of this, both the stylist as well as the client may be subjected to formalin fumes during the treatment. These fumes are actually carcinogens and cause cancer or related complications.

Although the Brazilian hair treatment has both advantages and disadvantages, the treatment can be an ideal option for many.