Effective Cure for Reducing Dry Skin Patches

dry skin patchesDry skin patches can be a major source of concern for any woman, since they make the skin appear dull and rough. Furthermore, these patches can lead to several other problems, such as, bacterial infections, itching and acne.

For this reason, if you find any dry skin patches on your face, treating these immediately is crucial. Here are some techniques you can apply for minimizing dry skin patches.

Remedy For Dry Skin Patches

Choose the Right Cosmetics

If you are using cosmetics that do not suit your skin, chances are high that dry patches may occur on your skin. This is especially true, if you use cleansers and toners that make the skin drier. Also, cosmetic products that contain artificial scents can cause dry patches.


For staying on the safe side, you should avoid using these products. Instead, opt for thick creams that make your skin hydrated. You can also use natural ingredients for taking care of your skin. For example, you can use milk and sweet almond oil for cleaning and moisturizing your face respectively.

Pay Attention to Environmental Hazards

Apart from using wrong cosmetics, sudden changes in the weather can also make your skin behave badly. For example, in the winter, many women experience dry skin patches because of low humidity. The situation becomes worse, if you stay in an air-conditioned room for major part of the day.

The same problem occurs, if your skin is regularly exposed to harsh sunrays. For reducing the problem of dry patches, it’s important to use a good quality sunscreen half an hour before moving outside. You should also cover exposed parts of your face and body with any clothing for minimizing the damage caused by the sun. If you spend many hours in AC room, installing a humidifier will be a good idea.

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Using Anti-Aging Cream is Crucial

As we age, the sebaceous glands produce lesser oil. This is the reason why many of us suffer from dry skin patches in our 30s or 40s. For reducing dry skin patches that occur due to aging-related factors, using a good anti-aging cream is important.

anti aging cream

You can also try out natural remedies, such as, vitamin E oil and glycerin for moisturizing your skin and thus, reducing the dry patches.

Drink Sufficient Water

You may not be aware of this, but fact is that dehydration can be a major reason why your skin is appearing dry and flaky. So, start drinking 10-12 glasses every day.


Also, do not compensate water by drinking tea, coffee, or caffeinated drinks. Remember that they do not offer the same benefits as water and may aggravate the situation.

Consult a Dermatologist if Necessary

Finally, if you find that your skin remains dry, despite trying out the herbal remedies, consulting an experienced dermatologist would be a good idea. Sometimes, dry skin patches occur due to medical conditions that include psoriasis, myeloma, and atopic dermatitis. In such cases, a dermatologist would be able to help you correctly.
Implement these options for getting a smoother and healthier skin.