Effective Detoxification

Effective Detoxification

Effective DetoxificationDetoxification is process to remove all toxic substances and their negative effects from the body. These toxins may be contributed by environment, pollution, additives in foods etc. These days it is also adopted by healthy people as way to lose additional weight known as ‘ diet detox’.

Detoxification is carried out in variety of techniques such as nutritional supplements, herbal mixtures, safe mercury removal etc. this is the easiest way to remain healthy in today’s polluted, stress filled environment. It is important to identify the symptoms, when your body requires detoxification.

Generally body gives signs indicative such as unexplained headaches, frequent allergies, memory failing, brittle nails and hairs, exposure to cleansing solvents or drugs etc.

Besides removal of toxic substances from the body, detoxification has other benefits such as:

Purification of blood, kidney and liver which is otherwise not possible during normal digestion process.

Enhancement of hormones balance in your body.

Stimulation of body’s immune system.

Reduction in craving for caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, which if taken have adverse effect on body.

Detox programs are of two types such as short term or long term detoxification and all aim at the release of toxins from your body.  If you are thinking to improve your overall health through detoxification, it is advised that you consult a physician for understanding your body detox needs, rooting out the symptoms in your body and designing suitable treatment routine for you.

Short term detox – These programs basically focus more on short duration courses with instant effects. These include 24 hour juice fasting, chelating therapy, heavy metal removal technique, or safe mercury removal and skin cleansing.

Long term detox – These include making dietary changes in combination with alternative therapies and various forms of exercises. Dietary revisions may include avoiding food items such as meat, high – carbohydrates, sweeteners and inclusion of fresh fruits, vegetables or garlic and drinking fluids like water, vegetable or fruit juice or limited intake of herbal tea.

Exercising options such as Yoga, brisk walking, Tai-Chi are also beneficial in long term detox lifestyle. It has been also seen that acceptance of alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, messages, or meditations are extremely useful in bringing out synergy effect on your body.