Effective Diet Chart For Weight Loss

diet chart for weight lose

diet chart for weight loseThere exists a positive correlation between one’s physique and confidence level. Most overweight people possess low confidence and an inferiority complex. In order to stay slim and look good, men and women follow a diet chart.
How important Is A Diet Chart?

A diet chart helps people to shed the extra weight that they carry by scientifically instructing them to follow a diet that has low carbohydrates and calories and high proteins. It enables people to stay dedicated to their aspirations of staying in shape. A good diet chart ensures that a person gets the required nutrients to ward off diseases like anemia.

Every person has a different body structure and so, each person should follow a distinguished diet chart that caters to his or her nutritional needs. Creating a diet chart is a very important and complex procedure and should be done by a doctor or a certified dietician. Selecting a poor diet chart can prove to be detrimental to one’s health and even increase weight instead of reducing it.

How Is A Diet Chart Formulated?

There are different parameters that are taken into account while recommending a diet chart to a person. The age, height, weight, gender and the amount of physical activity done by him are some of the important aspects that are examined.

The nutritionist must be aware of the preferences of the person for different types of food so as to enable him to dwell in his comfort zone. The food that he dislikes or is allergic to must be cast out of the diet chart.

When And How to Eat Or Sleep

Rather than eating three large meals per day, it is more effective for one to consume a greater number of small meals at regular intervals. This improves metabolism which aids in burning body fat. One should avoid either binging or starving. Adequate rest and sleep should be provided to the body so that the metabolic rate can be enhanced further.

Foods to Gorge On!

It is important to consume liquids in plenty. One should incorporate lots of fruit juices in the diet chart and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Fresh vegetables and fruits keep the body healthy and make the skin glow. 10 servings daily would benefit anyone.

Lots of green leafy vegetables should be consumed. Although salads account for healthy and filling meals, there has been a rising trend among metropolitans of replacing meals with merely salads. This should not be done as some amount of carb is necessary for physical development. Also, one should be aware of the salad dressings and refrain from having creamy or mayo-based salads.

Plenty of fiber-rich food such as oatmeal, brown rice, kidney beans and pulses should be included in the diet chart as they help in proper absorption of nutrients.
Different forms of protein-rich food such as fish, milk, pulses and eggs should be consumed.

diet for weight lose

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Lean meats such as turkey and chicken provide iron, zinc and vitamin B to the body. Omega 3 fatty acids are contained in fishes. These types of food should find their place in the diet chart. Foods that are made with white flour should be replaced by ones made from whole wheat.

Foods to Avoid

Oily and deep fried food would, any day, top this list. Sugary food such as candies, cold drinks and pastries should totally be avoided as they raise the blood sugar level drastically. Pizzas and pastas which incorporate too much butter and cheese in them should be kept away from the diet chart.

Alcohol, which contains high calories, should be consumed as less as possible. People should stay away from processed food. It is important for a person to resist temptations of gorging into his or her favorite fast food.

Move Those Hands And Legs!

Merely following a diet chart for weight loss is insufficient. It must be coupled with daily exercise routines. Walking, swimming, running and cycling are beneficial.

There are simple techniques for weight loss that one can adopt. Instead of taking the car to the local market, one should try walking, or, if the distance seems too much, he could ride the bicycle. Taking the staircase to the apartment rather than the lift is efficacious.

How Effective Are Diet Pills?

Some people resort to diet pills to suppress their hunger. It is recommended to refrain from consuming these pills as they are not very effective and can bring about side effects at times. Incorporating only natural forms of food in the diet chart is a lot wiser. The pills have been known to cause addiction, anxiety and lethargy.

A Slimming Parlor Here And A Slimming Parlor There!

Some lose weight to be healthier; some want to look good and the rest just want to fit into their old clothes. For various reasons, sporting a slim figure is the new trend. Nowadays, at almost every crossroad, one can spot a slimming parlor that offers various weight loss programs varying from 5 days to 5 months.

One should be very careful while investing at these centers. Not everyone can follow an overtly strict diet chart and perform arduous exercises to be able to successfully reduce weight in just a couple of days. It is best to enroll for a weight loss program that seems most logical and befitting to a person.


Encouragement and support from friends and family members is necessary for a person to stick to his diet chart. One should target a maximum of two kilograms at the onset and not aim for the sky. Checking weight every once in a while helps one to keep track of the effectiveness of the diet chart.

To attain long-term goals of staying fit, a person must be disciplined and willing to make necessary changes in his lifestyle. It is important to religiously follow a diet chart but one must not become desperate to reduce weight. A man’s body is his heaven. He should treat it with care and cautiousness. Keeping all these things in mind you can achieve a healthy body.