Effective Diet To Prevent UTI

utiUTI or Urinary Tract Infection is caused as harmful bacterium enters the urethra and travels further to the kidneys and bladder.

IF you have a UTI, you might have pain and burning sensation while urinating, appearance of blood and pus in urine. This usually occurs if you have a bad and weak immune system and this can be corrected by having a perfect diet with nutritional foods.

You can find lots of information on the diet to prevent UTI which would safeguard you from this infection. Read on this article to gain various advantages of the diets.

Effective Diet To Prevent UTI

Foods Rich In Fiber Content

Having a diet rich in fiber helps to cleanse your body and flush away the toxins that are present in the genital tract of your body. Include foods such as oats, nuts, lentils, whole wheat foods, beans, bran, fruits, figs, and barley.

fresh fruits

You can also include psyllium seeds to diminish the degree of infection in your body. Also stir up a few dishes with green leafy vegetables, corn, peas, root vegetables and lettuce which are high in nutrients.

Eat Berries

You can prevent lots of berries and juices made with berries which are effective in treating UTI. Consume a glass of cranberry juice every day as they are rich in antibacterial properties. This will help to keep away the bacteria from the bladder and flushes the toxins from the intestines.


Also you can eat raw berries in the form of salads and desserts to stay safe from the effects of UTI. If you are consuming its juice drink it by adding water and do not add sugar to sweeten it. You can also consume strawberries and cherries in your diet to stay away from infection.

Probiotics Are Must

Yogurt or curd should be consumed regularly as a part of your meal as the probiotics present in it helps to cure all the bacterial infection in your genitals. Consume several cups of yogurt to safeguard your body from infection. This will also cure the appearance of blood along with the urine and also prevents it from recurring.

Consume Lots Of Fresh Fruits

Try to include lots of fruits such as papaya, blueberries and watermelon to erase all the signs of infection caused by UTI.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

They contain proanthocyanidins which have the ability to curb the infection of Ecoli which is the bacteria present in the urethra of yours. They are rich in antioxidants which are also effective in curbing the growth of the bacteria in your genital area.

Foods To Avoid

While planning to have a diet to prevent UTI it is essential to safeguard from those foods that are not advisable under such conditions. Do not consume food with high sugar content as it would trigger extreme cases of urinary infection.

Also the diet with high sugar would also cause the bacterium to multiply on the urinary tract through which the high sugary urine waste would flow. Also avoid consuming refined carbohydrates as they would not curb the infection caused by the bacteria and would also create bigger symptoms associated with UTI.