5 Effective Dietary Treatment For Unwanted Acne

5 Effective Dietary Treatment For Unwanted Acne

Acne is found to bother, at some point of time in their lives, most people.There are the teenagers whose grimace clearly indicates to their need to be free from these foul spots.There are many cures available for curing or minimizing them.

There are many medicines that promise to, and perhaps, considerably cure the condition the power of nature stands unyielding to these challenges too, and it is thus known to many, as proved from time to time that dietary treatment for acne is safe,long lasting as well as easy. It also bears no side effects. Starting from eating and drinking habits, extending onto lifestyle, many areas are covered and touched by dietary cure for the acne growths.Let us see some points below.

Diet Remedy For Acne

High Fluid Intake Is A Must

The first golden rule to be followed by all the people concerned about their appearance and pain due to acne, is to drink lots of water. Then, one must also have lots of fresh green tea,juices like ‘Amla’, ‘Neem’,Aloe Vera and more. All of these are detoxifying agents and fight the toxins that cause the protrusions and blotches.And have loads of fresh and dilute liquids too.


Good Foods For The Condition

There are some dos and donts when one is following a proper diet to avoid this condition. The foods you should prefer in this case includes- Whole Grains, whole wheat bread, brown rice, skimmed dairy products, and good fats.

wheat bread

When we say good fat, we mean a list of items like Goat Fat; Coconut, its butter, its oil; Olive, Canola, and Avocado oils, Meat, Poultry,fresh Whole Fruits, Fresh veggies,and Nuts excluding peanuts. Peanuts are excluded as they are counted as legumes, not in the good foods’ list.

Foods You Must Avoid To Minimize The Spots

Where Acne is concerned,more important is the list of foods to be avoided,than of those to be included. Some items are very precise triggers for these spots and must be stayed away from.Legumes like peas, peanuts,beans,as well as soy products even  lentils must be avoided.

oatmeal breakfastr

Avoidable grains include Wheat, Oats, Rye, Corn, Barley, and Rice. The Saturated fats and oils like refined edibles, pure cow’s Ghee,and more,are also invitees for acne.

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Drinks You Must Avoid To Minimize The Spots

There are some beverages and drinks like Caffeine- loaded Tea and Coffe and Alcoholic Beverages. These are dehydrating agents, bringing the water level down, thus inviting acne.

tea bags

Avoid Sweets And Sugar

High fat diet is a definite invitee for acne.High fat also directly refers to sugar.So, sweet products of all kinds except fresh fruits invite the condition. Take less of white flour,including Sugar.Avoid Honey, Dried Fruits, Fruit Juices (As these are high on sugar and low on fibers).

honey 1

Sweet food also refers to Chocolates and Ice-Creams.The former, though is not directly harmful for the people facing this problem, but the high sugar content in it surely is. Simple dietary tips as these, are easy to follow and very effective for the treatment of acne.