Effective Exercise Routines For Women

Regular exercise is the keyword to keep you healthy and young forever. But in most cases women neglect their health as they keep themselves busy in taking care of others.

But if you really want to take care of your family members you should keep you fit and healthy first or else you will never be able to serve all the basic needs of your loved ones. So, please do take care of yourself and live a fit life because you have to stay happy and fit in order to make others happy.

Effective Exercise Routines For Women

Tummy Exercises

Tummy exercises are lucrative to reduce the extra fat of your tummy that you put on unconsciously. You can do long arm crunch to shape your upper stomach but make sure that you are relaxing your neck and do not winch your head.

Tummy Exercises

Try to bend your each leg and take it near your chest then unbend it and go back to the previous position and repeat it as many times you can. Make sure that you are keeping your hips low while doing such workouts.


Though mostly known as a famous form of dancing, Zumba is a fruitful exercise for women. Zumba involves lots of hip movements that help you to live a disease free life.


This particular dance ensures fitness of your cardio respiratory system and also improves the shape of your body by reducing body fat. Zumba can burn almost 475 calories in 1 hour so that this process guarantees you to put off weight fast if you attend the Zumba classes at least thrice in a week.


In order to experience the bone building facilities, you can work out with the help of the treadmill because it helps to burn 179 to 226 calories in 30 minutes.


With each footstep that you take on the track of the treadmill, you are strengthening your bone density and walking forward to the healthy life. But please make sure that you are not a patient of osteoporosis before starting the workout in the tread mill.

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Plyometric Training

Plyometric Training strengthens your legs and increases your balance and rate of velocity that ensure you a fit body. This training involves lots of jumping movements that allow you to set your spirit free and lead to put aside all your worries.

Plyometric Training

But, find a trainer fast for such training in order to avoid injuries or else the struggle will not give fruitful results at all. Include little jumps in the middle of the resistance training while you are just starting such workouts.

Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness exercises are celebrated as one of the famous exercises that act as a bridge between the workouts and relaxation and that is the password to live a stress free, happy life. In order to gain a happy health, you need to energize yourself with the ray of optimism from within.

Mindfulness Exercises

Close your eyes, utter the holy word ‘Om’ and feel the holy soul of God because in this way your attention power will be increased and you can do wonders in your work sector. Please allot a little time from your busy hectic schedule for regular exercises. Proper exercises do not tire you but surely energize you so that you can concentrate on your work perfectly and lead a happy, fit and cheerful life.

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