Effective Foods To Increase Libido

Effective Foods To Increase Libido

Effective Foods To Increase LibidoOne thing that every woman would want for a happy and satisfying sex life is a high level of sex drive a.k.a. libido. However, it is not always practical to opt for medications where sexual drive is concerned. Medicines or treatments offered in the market might lead to side effects in the long term as well as cause permanent health damage.
To solve the issue, researches were made. As a result they came with the conclusion that there are some foods that if consumed on a regular basis can definitely increase libido to a great extent. To help you ladies out there, here is a simple list of foods that boosts sexual drive. These are highly effective if included in the daily diet.

Foodstuffs Good for Sexual Drive


One of the commonly available foods in the market that really help in increasing the libido is celery. However, it is one food that is recommended for men, but then there is no harm in women consuming the same. Make sure you include celery in the daily diet of your partner as well.


This is one food that every woman should eat on a regular basis for a high level of libido. The Vitamin B6 and potassium in this fruit helps in increasing the secretion of testosterone.

Basil Leaves

Some basil leaves everyday will only do good where sex drive is concerned. Along with the other advantages attached with basil leaves in the improvement of the female fertility rate.

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Blood circulation is also positively affected by consumption of basil leaves along with a natural cure to your headaches.

Chocolates- The Yummy Way

One of the most sinful and yummiest ways to increase your libido is to increase the consumption of chocolates you eat. Chocolates especially dark ones produces chemicals in the body that equals to the feelings of love while sex. So what better way to improve your sex drive than have a bar of chocolate each day?


For all those who don’t mind eating sea food or non vegetarian food, oysters is a great option to increase the drive for sex. The high level of zinc and amino acids amounts to good levels of testosterone in the body of a woman. This strongly helps in improving libido intensity.

Alcohol works!

Though it is not suggested to have good amounts of alcohol before sex, some amounts can really work wonders for both the partners. Not only will it make you a little emotionally vulnerable but also help you feel great and your partner attractive.


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Among the category of nuts, almonds are the best option for fulfilling your aims. Almond oil scent is known to bring arousal feelings in women.

Garlic wonders

Garlic must be known for causing bad breath but what you must not have known all these years is that it is a great sex drive booster. Regular consumption can lead to improved blood flow in the sexual organs.

Fruits that help

Mangoes, strawberries and peaches are the top fruits whose juices are a great way to bring the amount of arousal you are looking for. These can also become an important part of your foreplay plan.
The above mentioned foods are the best among the lot that can help in boosting and improving sexual drive in women without any side effects and in a natural and safe manner.