Effective Herbal Cure For Psoriasis

psoriasis treatment

psoriasis treatmentPsoriasis is a very painful skin condition and is associated with the skin becoming red, thick and flaky. This disease is very common and affects more than 6 million people in the United States.

It affects people of all ages, mostly between 15 years to 40 years. There are many drugs that are available in the market, which are helpful in reducing the pain and the itchiness associated with this condition. However, there are also several herbs which are helpful in reducing the symptoms of this condition. Listed below are several herbs that are helpful in treating psoriasis.

Milk Thistle

The seeds of the milk thistle plant are known to be an effective liver tonic that has been used for centuries. Milk thistle is helpful in preventing the liver from toxins and increases the amount of bile produced by the liver. This helps the liver to cleanse the blood in a more effective manner.

Milk thistle is known to posses anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant, known to protect the cells of the body from oxidative stress. However, precautions need to be taken when consuming milk thistle as it is known to react with other medications or supplements. It is always best to consult your doctor before attempting to use milk thistle in treating psoriasis.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be an effective remedy for treating psoriasis. Aloe Vera gel is known to be helpful in reducing the inflammation, itchiness, redness and scaly skin which is associated with psoriasis. In order to treat psoriasis using aloe vera, the aloe vera gel must be massaged into the skin and not be consumed orally. If you consume it orally, it can result in stomach cramps and cause diarrhoea. Some people can develop symptoms of allergy when applied on the skin.

It is recommended that you stop the usage of aloe vera as you begin to experience symptoms of an allergy. Several studies have shown that those who applied aloe vera on their skin, three times a day, everyday for five days of the week, began to feel tremendous relief from this condition. The results of the study were quite astounding as 25 out of 30 people were completely healed of this condition after four weeks.

Indigo Naturalis

Qing Dai, which is another name for indigo naturalis, has been used to treat many skin conditions including psoriasis. This herb is of Chinese origin and has been used as a herbal medicine for many centuries. Several studies have been conducted by using this herb to treat those who suffered from this condition, and those afflicted with this condition began to experience tremendous difference in the appearance of their skin. It is still to be found out whether this herb is safe for long term usage.


psoriasis herbal cure

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It has been proved that licorice is helpful in treating psoriasis. It can be consumed orally or applied externally. Licorice is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the symptoms of this condition. If you want to take licorice orally, you can have licorice tea thrice a day, or you can have a 400 mg capsule of the same, three times a day.

If you want to use licorice externally, you can apply it directly to the skin or you can bathe yourself by adding the licorice extract to the water. It is important that you avoid the usage of licorice if you suffer from hypertension as this herb is known to increase the blood pressure.


Capsaicin, when applied to the skin several times a day, is known to be effective in reducing the symptoms of this condition. In the beginning, when you apply this cream to your skin, you may feel a burning sensation, which normally goes by frequently using this cream. It is important to wash your hands before touching your eyes as it can cause immense burning if you touch your eyes.

Oregon Grape

Oregon grape is also known to be effective in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis, when used on a regular basis. The ointments of this herb are particularly helpful in treating mild psoriasis. It is has proved that those who apply ointments which contain 10 or more percent of Oregon grape, have resulted in quicker healing.

In order to get quicker relief from this condition, it is recommended that you apply the Oregon grape cream on the affected areas, two times a day. There are many instances where patients have experienced tremendous improvement by using Oregon grape for just one week.


It is often recommended that you use preparations which are made from chamomile in order to reduce the symptoms of this disease. This is because of the presence of flavanoids, which are known to produce anti-inflammatory activity. Chamomile cream can be found at any medical store.

To use chamomile in treating psoriasis, apply the cream on the affected areas, several times a day. You can also use chamomile tea bags and apply it on the affected area, which is known to give tremendous relief from the itching and pain, promoting healing.


Dandelion leaves and roots are known to be effective in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. To treat psoriasis using dandelion, add around 8 to 10 grams of fresh dandelion root to one cup of boiling water, allowing it to steep.

In order to treat this condition effectively, you must drink the tea regularly for 2 weeks, having it once everyday. You can also purchase dandelion oil, which is found in all medical stores and can be applied on the skin after having a shower.

Yellow Dock

Yellow dock is also a herb that is helpful in treating psoriasis. The presence of thiamine in yellow dock helps in repairing the tissue which is damaged due to these skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. In order to treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, it is recommended that you mix licorice root, dried yellow dock and Oregon grape root, and consume it orally. In order to use this herb externally, heat some olive oil with fresh yellow dock, leaving it for 12 hours in a crock pot. Following that, apply the oil on the skin, several times a day.