4 Effective Home Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is problematic. Women especially, have to spend a lot of time and energy in removing their unwanted hair by using some method or the other. It is matter of preference in selecting the best method of home hair removal.

Hair Removal

Majority of women use a razor to remove their hair. Men use it more frequently, but nowadays women also use specially made razors for their legs and other curves. However, regular shaving results in the hair growing thicker and faster. Hence, you have to shave quite often. The cost is quite high-given that you buy good quality razors, blades, after shaves and shave gels etc.


Another technique widely used to remove unwanted hair is waxing. It is, of course, painful but it removes the hair from roots. So the hair takes longer to grow back. This method used to be popular only with women, but now men are also using it to remove chest and back hair, etc.


A far less painful choice is using a hair removing cream. These creams destroy the roots of the hair and it is easy to rub it off. It is a very convenient and pain free method for those who cannot afford to have any stubble or a daily growth of unwanted hair.

hair removing cream

Then there are tweezers or epilators. These methods pull out hair from roots, but both are painful methods to remove hair. Sometimes both the methods leave a rash or skin irritation. More over, the hair grows back within a week.


For a home hair removal system, you need to decide upon the best method suited for your skin type. You need to have something that is painless and simple at the same time. Usually the hair removal creams are ideal for home hair removal.

You apply the cream on the area you want to, wait for about 5 minutes and then simply wipe off the cream. That will take away the hair too. Hair removing creams are helpful since there are no stubbles, painful cuts or nicks to tackle for days, after removing the hair.