7 Effective Home Remedies For Acne Skin Care

Home Remedies For Acne Scar RemovalPimples or zits, whatever you call them, or whatever you are troubled with- and these are the soldiers belonging to the acne army. They are some of the worst enemies belonging in a young girl’s dictionary. Your granny might have told you to slap on that bit of toothpaste and many still stand by this home spun remedy, but more often than not, come date night, that little pesky devil is going to be back on your face.

Sometimes, it gets even worse. Well, here’s the bad news for you: from teen to your twenties, there’s really nothing you can do about pimples sometimes. Even the best non-oily diet in the world would not be able to keep a few stray pimples away from popping up on your face. And boy! Do they have bad timing! However, hold out the gloom a bit longer. There’s always good news riding a bad one.

For acne angst, it would be the myriad treatments- home made to pharmaceutical company made, short term to long lasting remedies- that would come to your aid in due time. And if you want the secrets to some of the best and most easily made home made remedies on God’s green earth, look no farther for your lucky days are back again. Here are a few remedies to get rid of your worst nightmares- pimples.

Home Remedies For Acne Skin

Whip It Up

When you’re short on allowance and have nowhere to turn to for the extra bucks, the pimples aren’t just going to wait for the month to finish off. While the toothpaste shall forever remain the first resort, for people with different sensitive skin, it can often backfire.

Also toothpaste trick might last for a while, but regular care with natural ingredients will keep them from coming back. Instead, turn to the kitchen: you’ll find some of the most mundane stuff becoming ingredients to the next greatest acne solution.

Regular care with natural ingredientsCinnamon & Honey To Your Aid

A paste made of these two simple ingredients applied every night on the acne ridden spot will see the face clear of any marking in a couple of weeks. Use pure cinnamon powder for making the paste. Keep the paste on for the entire night and wash off in the morning.

Cinnamon & Honey To Your AidLemon & Sugar For Your Skin

Rub a slice of lemon over powdered sugar and apply gently on to your face. The scrubbing effect of the sugar combined with the lemon’s properties of cleansing and lightening the skin helps removes acne effectively in a few days and also keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

Lemon & Sugar For Your SkinTurmeric Powder, Milk and Sandalwood Powder For Your Acne Aches

Combine 1 tsp of each both powders and a bit of milk to make a thick paste. Often, one may add neem leaves or the juice thereof as an astringent. This paste applied on the acne spots daily and rinsed off after keeping on for a couple of minutes will act as the perfect home-made ointment for acnes and pimples.

Turmeric Powder, Milk and Sandalwood PowderOatmeal & Milk For Your Zits

Sounds like a perfect breakfast meal? Well, take it down before boiling the mixture and it will make for a great scrub treatment for acnes. For people with oily skin, the milk can be replaced with rose water or in case of greasy skin, lemon juice is a better choice.

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Lemon/Orange Peel Paste

Mix some ground peel with water/rose water or lime juice(only for especially oily skin) and apply it on the face. Keep for a good ten to fifteen minutes and wash off. The peel texture acts as a scrub and the citric acid works against the oil clog of the acne.


Lemon-Orange PeelA Few “Keep In Mind”s

Despite misgivings, many still stand by the toothpaste solution. If you stick do it, keep in mind that the old fashioned solid ones are a wiser choice than gel-pastes. The latter create more problems than they solve and are way less effective. In all home-made remedies that use a liquid to make paste, milk is for those with relatively dry skin.

For those with oily skin rose water or lime juice is preferable. All the treatments may not be equally effective on all types of skin. Get a clear idea of what skin type you are before settling on a remedy. Never use more than one remedy at once. Often, ingredients clash and the acne may sooner turn into a bad rash than vanish if you inflict you skin to more ingredients than it can handle. And last but in no way the least, treatments if gone not accompanied by a healthy diet (read: low-oil content in food and lots of water) and sufficient exercise can delay results by a long time.

Rose water or lime juice