Effective Home Remedies For Ant Bites

Ant BitesAnt bites are mostly harmless. However, if you have been bit by a fire ant, I am sure you will not agree to that statement. Bites from fire ants can be extremely painful, not to forget the itching accompanying it.

Ant bites affect millions of people around the world. People often experience stinging pain, reddish blisters, swelling and inflammation when bitten by an ant. Here are a few home remedies for ant bites.

Top Home Remedies For Ant Bites

Wash The Affected Area

When you get an ant bite, there is a possibility of getting an infection. In some cases, people are even allergic to the venom and may show other symptoms such as severe swelling, sweating, loss of breath and nausea. Therefore, the first thing to do is wash the affected area with soap and water. This will take out much of the venom causing the pain.


Rubbing some alcohol in the bite will reduce the pain. It also acts as a disinfectant and helps you to keep infections at bay.


Applying this every day for cleaning the bite will help you heal faster.


Apply the juice of a lemon directly to the ant bite. The acid in the lemon juice neutralizes the acid in the venom of the ant bite. Do this 3-4 times a day to recover faster.

Baking Soda

Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply this on the ant bite. It will reduce the pain and the itching in no time. Do not wash off.

Baking Soda

Apply this baking soda paste at least 3-4 times a day to get maximum relief.


Another effective home remedy is bleach. Mix equal amounts of bleach and water and apply it on the bite. It will reduce the pain and swelling.


Cucumber has soothing properties and is excellent for reducing the swelling caused by an ant bite. Grate a cucumber and squeeze out the juice.


Let it chill for some time in the refrigerator. Apply this cool cucumber juice on the ant bite and let it dry. Do not wash off. You will get relief from the swelling and redness.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has several healing properties. For treating an ant bite, you need some aloe vera juice or pulp. Slice the aloe leaf into two and scoop out all the pulp. Apply this pulp directly on the bite and let it dry.

Aloe Vera

If you do not have fresh leaves, apply some aloe juice. The soothing effects of aloe will reduce the swelling and inflammation. It will also help in the healing process.


This is another home remedy that works wonders. Make a paste of clay and water and apply it on the affected area. Let it dry. Wash off with cold water. This will reduce the pain and inflammation.These were a few simple and effective home remedies that will help you to get rid of the pain and itching associated with ant bites. The bites will be healed and won’t leave any scars. However, if you experience severe pain and an allergic reaction, it is advisable to go to a doctor immediately.


Onion Juice

Onion juice has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it is ideal for treating ant bites. Apply a slice of onion immediately on the affected area. Applying it every day will heal the ant bite in a few days.