Effective Home Remedies For Diabetes

diabetesDiabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar levels become too high. The main cause of diabetes is deficiency of the hormone insulin. High blood sugar is caused by excessive eating and is very common in people who are old and overweight. The main symptoms of high blood sugar are excessive thirst and weakness. The patient has fatigue and loss of consciousness. Sometimes, the blood sugar levels become very low in diabetic patients. The cause of low blood sugar is medicine complications. The symptoms of low blood sugar are dizziness, headache and sweating. The patient has trembling, fatigue and loss of consciousness.

Diabetes can cause serious health problems like heart disease, retinopathy, high blood pressure, infection, kidney problems, stroke, nerve damage, coma and blindness. It diabetes becomes serious and out of control, it may cause amputation of legs. If you have diabetes, you should do regular exercises. Walking can help in controlling diabetes. You should use home remedies to control and cure diabetes. The following home remedies for diabetes have been found to be very useful in treating the disease.

Best Home Remedies For Diabetes

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd contains polypeptide-P, which decreases blood sugar. Bitter gourd helps in increasing insulin secretion. It helps in preventing insulin resistance. You should drink bitter gourd juice when you wake up at morning on empty stomach.

Bitter Gourd

You can extract the juice from bitter gourds after removing its seeds. Use a juicer for extracting bitter gourd juice. You can also eat bitter gourd vegetable. You can try various dishes of bitter gourd like stuffed bitter gourd or fried chips. Including bitter gourd in the diet will help you in decreasing the blood sugar levels in a natural way.


Soak fenugreek seeds in water at night before you go to sleep. The next morning, brush the teeth and eat the fenugreek seeds. Drink the water in which you soaked the seeds. You should do this remedy until your blood sugars become normal.

Fenugreek Seeds

You can also mix fenugreek powder with milk and drink it. Fenugreek increases glucose tolerance. It has a hypoglycemic effect on blood glucose and decreases the blood sugar levels very effectively. Fenugreek contains fiber, which helps in absorbing carbohydrates as well as sugar in the food we eat.



Guava is a very good fruit that helps in controlling diabetes. Guava contains Vitamin C and fiber. You should eat guava. However, you should peel the guava before eating it. The peel of guava increases the blood sugar and it can be harmful for the diabetic patients. Do not eat too much guava, as it can be harmful.


Consume one-gram cinnamon daily. You can mix cinnamon with meals and eat it. Do this remedy for one month. You can also take cinnamon in another way by boiling it in water and simmering it on low heat. Strain the liquid and drink it.


Cinnamon helps in increasing insulin sensitivity. It decreases the blood sugar levels and controls diabetes. Cinnamon stimulates insulin activity. Cinnamon also helps in decreasing weight, which is very important for preventing heart disease. Thus, all diabetic patients should include cinnamon in the diet. Do not take cinnamon in excess amounts, as it can be toxic for the liver.


Gooseberry or amla helps in reducing the blood sugar levels. Gooseberry also helps the pancreas to function properly. You should eat gooseberry when it is in the season. You can also drink gooseberry juice. Extract gooseberry juice by grinding gooseberry after removing its seeds.


After grinding the gooseberry, you will get a paste. Pass the paste through a cloth and extract its juice by squeezing the cloth. Mix little gooseberry juice in water. Drink this juice when you wake up at morning on empty stomach. You can also mix gooseberry juice with the juice extracted from bitter gourds. Drink this juice.

Mango Leaves

Mango leaves help in regulating blood insulin, thus controlling diabetes. Mango leaves also improve blood lipid levels. Soak fifteen mango leaves in water at night. The leaves should be tender. Next morning, strain the liquid and drink it.

Leaves Of Mango

Do this remedy when you are empty stomach. You can also eat the powder of mango leaves. Take half teaspoon of this powder twice daily. You can make the mango leaf powder by drying mango leaves and grinding them fine. You must dry the mango leaves in a shaded area.

Holy Basil Leaves

Holy basil leaves can help in decreasing blood sugar. You should eat three basil leaves daily. You can also drink the juice of basil leaves. Take the juice when you are on empty stomach. Basil leaves contain antioxidants that decrease sugar levels and cure the bad oxidative stress effect. Basil contains many other ingredients that help in increasing insulin sensitivity.


Grind tender neem shoots to extract its juice. Drink this juice on empty stomach. Neem is very bitter and has medicinal properties. Neem helps in reducing blood sugar levels. Neem increases blood circulation and it will decrease the need of hypoglycemia medicines.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds contain fiber and help in digesting and absorbing fat as well as sugar. The seeds help in improving insulin sensitivity, thus curing diabetes. You should eat ground flax seeds as it help in controlling diabetes.


Grind the flax seeds so that you get a powder. Mix this powder with meals and eat it. Flax seeds help in preventing the rise of blood sugar levels after eating a meal. Apart from blood sugar, flax seeds also control the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in diabetic patients.

Indian Blackberry

If you want to control diabetes, you should eat Indian blackberry. Indian blackberry contains glycoside, which does not allow the starch to be converted to sugar. It is an effective remedy for decreasing blood sugar.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel can help in curing diabetes. Mix the aloe gel with bay leaves powder and turmeric. The amount of aloe gel should be 1 teaspoon and the amount of bay leaves powder should be 1-2 teaspoons.

aloe vera

The amount of turmeric should be one teaspoon. Mix all things well and consume it in the afternoon before lunch and at night before eating dinner. Aloe Vera contains phytosterols, which helps in decreasing the blood sugar levels in patients who have type-2 diabetes.

Tea And Coffee

If you drink black coffee, it will help in decreasing the sugar levels. Do not add sugar to the coffee. If you are fond of drinking tea, you should not add sugar to it. If you are unable to drink tea and coffee without sugar, you can add little honey to it. Honey is a better substitute than sugar. You should drink green tea as it helps in decreasing the blood sugar. Green tea contains high amount of polyphenol, which decreases blood sugar.