Effective Home Remedies For Menopause

menopauseEvery woman might not face problems during menopause – the frequency and type of problem varies in nature also. However, those who suffer from its symptoms need immediate attention or else it might cause distress and anxiety.

Menopause does not always need medical intervention and can be easily treated at home with simple home remedies. This kind of treatment involves the use of food remedies, use of herbs or change in lifestyle which helps in coping with the problem.

Menopausal Home Remedies

Be Stress-free

stress free

Hot flashes are closely associated with menopause. Hot flashes are triggered from stress, anxiety and tension mainly with an increase in their frequency. You need to be stress free and happy to have complete control over them. Listen to good music, spend time in doing something you enjoy and relax as much as possible. It will help you to stay healthy and happy.

Get Adequate Sleep


You need to sleep for at least 9 hours. Do not have a heavy and spicy dinner which can cause a delay in sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep, play some soothing music or read something which you enjoy that shall ensure you a good sleep. If you get insufficient sleep, you might have a bad headache and poor digestion.

Do Not Smoke

no smoking

If you smoke, you need to quit immediately. It not only increases the chances of cancer, stroke or osteoporosis in women, it also increases the occurrence of hot flashes, specially during the night. In many cases it has been seen that smoking causes earlier menopause.

Use of Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are plant based and are known to offer relief from menopausal symptoms in women.In a recent study it was confirmed that women who had foods rich in phytoestrogens experienced lesser problems related to vaginal dryness and hot flashes.


Menopausal women need to have at least 45gm of phytoestrogens everyday. These can be found in soy, red clover tea and flax seeds. Beets, garlic, cherries, carrots, apples, oats and sunflower seeds contain phytoestrogens.

Cool Hot Flashes

To tackle the discomfort of hot flashes women are advised to dress in layers and preferably in cotton. Do not wear heavy jewelry or several layered clothes which can increase discomfort.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Carrying chilled water can also be a solution so that whenever discomfort is experienced, women can drink the water. Hot flashes are often caused due to spicy food, hot beverages, caffeine, alcohol and stress. Keeping away from all this is certainly going to be relaxing.

Exercise For Relaxation

You need to stay relaxed during the menopausal period so exercise regularly to stay relaxed and comfortable. You can start with simple breathing exercises at home like deep breathing, paced breathing, massages, guided imagery and similar kind of exercises which help your body and mind to stay relaxed.


Spend at least thirty minutes in a day practicing various relaxation techniques. Follow any of the above home remedies and you will be able to overcome the problems related to menopause and have a comfortable life during the time.