6 Effective Home Remedies For Sinus

6 Effective Home Remedies For Sinus

Sinus has become one of the most common and irritating diseases in today’s time as it has affected millions of people around the world. Along with the irritation, it becomes impossible to avoid the feeling of pain which surrounds your mucous membranes, causes inflammation and makes it difficult for you to breathe normally.

Thus, it is very important to cure the problem at the earliest without causing any side-effects on the body. Instead of eating medicines which cannot cure the problem completely, opt for home remedies which have a positive effect on the body and treat the problem thoroughly.

Best Home Remedies For Sinus

Onions And Garlic

Consume loads of onions and garlic in your food on a regular basis.Garlic contains anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and helps to treat the problem completely. Onions too have a positive effect on your affected area and cures sinus to a great extent.

onion & garlic

Eucalyptus Oil

The use of eucalyptus oil is an age-old method of treating sinus at home. Simply take 3 to 4 drops of this oil and mix it in a little bit of warm water.Apply this oil and water mix to your check bones to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation.


Use of Vapour

Using vapour to cure sinus can prove to be quite effective.Commonly known as vapour therapy, it is a very simple technique of treating sinus at home. Take some water and boil it well so that steam starts coming out of it.


Pour the water into a huge bowl. Bend your body towards the bowl and cover your entire head and face with the help of a towel. Now exhale and inhale the vapour or steam through your nose.You will get a lot of relief almost immediately.


Turmeric contains a compound name curcumin which has a lot of health benefits attached to it. One such benefit is its ability to cure infections like sinus. The sinus cavity along with the airways get absolutely cleared and healed and turmeric also reduces the inflammation largely. It is one of the best home remedies for sinus.


Apple Cider Vinegar

A commonly used home item, apple cider vinegar is quite helpful in curing the problem of sinus. Mix around 2 tablespoons of this vinegar to 3 glasses of water along with 3 teaspoons of honey.

apple cidar vinegar

Consume a little of this mix on a regular basis and your sinus infection is sure to disappear in a few days.You can also mix some apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and heat it.The steam that comes out of the water should be inhaled through the nose with your eyes and mouth closed for maximum benefits.

Salt And Baking Soda Mix

Take around half a teaspoon of salt and mix a pinch of baking soda to it. Mix it in a cup of warm water very well. Use this mix as a nasal saline rinse which is a common technique for curing sinus at home.Take the help of an experienced person who knows who to do the rinse properly and you will get a lot of relief from sinus if you rinse regularly for a few days.

baking & salt