Effective Home Remedies For Spider Bites

spider bite

spider biteNot every spider is as good and gorgeous as Spiderman. There are a lot of people who desire to become Spiderman who can swing around and get all the attention they want. A spider bite will not help you to become a hero. Spider bites do not give you the power to swing around and help in saving the world. Spider bites are very poisonous and should be treated immediately. It can cause redness, wheezing, weakness and hives. It is certainly not pleasant!

Almost every spider is poisonous because it helps them to catch their prey. If you have got a spider bite, then you do not have to worry because we have some easy home remedies which work wonders.

Best Home Remedies for Spider Bites

Ice And Cold Water

When you get a spider bite, it may cause redness and swelling. You should immediately put ice and cold water on it as it helps in reducing the swelling and gives relief too. You can apply cold water or an ice pack for quick recovery.

Olive Oil And Turmeric

Olive oil and turmeric works brilliantly on spider bites. You need to mix olive oil and turmeric and make a paste out of it. It helps in treating the swelling which is caused by the spider bite. It also acts as a pain reliever.

olive oil

You should apply it for about 7 days in a row for fast results. Turmeric helps in removing toxins from the bite which means the redness, swelling and dizziness will not last for long.

Salt And Garlic

Garlic is a wonder ingredient. Just like it is needed in every non vegetarian dish to make it yummier, it is used as a cure for almost every illness or wound. If you have got a spider bite, you need to saturate the affected area with salt for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off and apply mashed garlic on the bite for the entire night. The next day you will feel no pain and no redness.

Water And Baking Soda

Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water and apply a coating on the bite. This needs to be done immediately because it does give relief. If your bite starts itching the this is the home remedy which will work excellently. You should give it a try because this is the best home remedy for spider bites.

baking soda

You will see results very quickly and it will also help in reducing the redness and swelling. You can also use butter and baking soda to treat your spider bite. The mixture is called poultice and it helps in getting relief from itching and pain.

Wonder Bread

Did you know that if you keep a piece of bread on the spider bite, it will draw out all the poison from it? If not, then you should try it for sure because it can heal your bite in just a day.

Spider bites are very common among people and it is not something to be too worried about. However if you see symptoms which are life threatening such as shortness of breath then immediately go to the nearest doctor. If you feel pain and discomfort, then try the above home remedies because they are popular as well as easy to find at home. Take care!