Effective Home Remedies for Swollen Eyes

Swollen eyes Swollen eyes are a result of lack of proper sleep, illness, stress, tiredness or any kind of allergy.

Eyes being the most important part of one’s looks, it is indeed terrible to begin our day with swollen and puffy eyelids.

It makes you appear drooping dull and dead. Probably that’s why a good sleep is called a beauty sleep.  Because of the high speed lifestyle, all of us often tend to get swollen eyes.

But let go all your worries, as this article will throw light on some of the very quick, harmless and effective home remedies to get away with the puffiness of the eyes.

Home Remedies for Swollen Eyes

Cold Water

If you get up to only see your swollen eyelids, rush and splash your face with ice-cold water. Cold water contracts the blood vessels, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling of eye-lids. Alternatively, after washing the face with normal water, ice-pack (ice cubes wrapped in a towel or a piece of cloth) can be applied on eyes.

Cold Water

It will really bring back that freshness of raw morning back in your eyes. Apart from this, drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water every day and keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Water removes toxins from our body and stops water from dislodging eyes.

Hot Water

It may appear like an oxymoron figure of speech at first instance. But hot water is also as useful as cold water for curing puffy eyes. Take a glass of lukewarm water and add half teaspoon salt in it. Now dip cotton balls in this hot saline water and cover your eyes with them for some time. Repeating this process for about half an hour, removes all the puffiness below your eyes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains rich extracts of Vitamin E and acts as an excellent antioxidant which helps in removing the swelling around the eyelids. Scoop out the gel from raw aloe vera leaf and apply around your eyes.

Aloe Vera Juice

Be careful while applying so that the gel does not go inside the eyes. Keep it for about 35-40 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Aloe vera will boost the blood circulation around the eyes and remove the puffiness. Regular usage of aloe vera around eyes also gives cooling effect to eyes and helps in lightening dark circles.


Cucumber is considered to be one of the best home remedies in curing puffiness and dark circles. The astringent properties of cucumber helps in constricting the blood vessels and reducing inflammation and swelling around eyes. Simply make thick slices of cold cucumber.

Sleep on your back with your head little elevated, close your eyes and put the cold cucumber pieces on eyes for about ten minutes. Repeat this process twice or thrice to get rid of swollen eyes. Apart using it for curing swollen eyes, experts believe  that cucumber should be applied regularly as it acts as a soothing and cooling agent for eyes.

Tea Bags

Tea contains anti-irritant properties which help in reducing puffiness, redness and inflammation around eyes.

Tea Bags

First dip the tea bag in hot water, remove from hot water and allow it to cool down till it comes to room temperature. Put these tea bags on closed eyes for about 20-25 minutes. Green tea or black tea – both can be used in this remedy.


Potato contains high content of starch which helps in reducing inflammation and puffiness around eyes. We need to prepare a potato bag just like a tea bag. Peel one potato, wash it and grate it very finely. Tie this grated potato in a thin cloth and your potato bag is ready. Now keeping this bag on your eyes for 15-20 minutes helps in removing puffiness. Regularly using potato bag also helps in curing headache and dark circles.

Egg White

Egg white acts as a skin tightening agent in giving relief from swollen eyes. Take two eggs and remove yolk from it. Now whip them thoroughly till it gives a fluffy and stiff consistency.

Egg White

Now apply this home made cream around your eyes with the help of a brush or soft cloth and allow it to dry. Wash off with water to see your eyes rejuvenated again. If you have witch hazel in your kitchen, add a few drops of it to the egg white. It also contains skin tightening properties and will strengthen the process of reducing puffiness.

Also, there are few good eye creams available in the markets. Proper and regular usage of these creams will also help in keeping your eyes healthy. So try out these home remedies and get that spark back in your eyes!