3 Effective Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

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Consider yourself lucky, if you have strikingly brown eyes. This is because brown eye color is versatile enough to blend with almost every skin color, eye make-up and the color of outfit that you wear. Although green or blue eyes also look quite enticing and a number of women crave for such eye colors, but as a matter of fact these colors are not ideal for applying vivid colored eye make-up.

eyes makeup

Moreover, there is a range of products available for brown eyes. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks for applying eye makeup for brown eyes that can do wonders to your looks.

Tips To Apply Makeup For Brown Eyes

Consider The Density Of Brown Color Before Applying The Makeup

Take a close look at your eye shade and ponder deeply whether the tint of your eyes is dark, medium, shallow or hazel. Then only choose the color of eye makeup. Usually, the darker brown color gives a sense of black color. For dark brown color, avoid using harsh or loud makeup. Instead use lighter flecks to highlight your peepers.

Consider yourself blessed if you have medium brown eyes as there are a range of colors to experiment with this particular eye shade. Colors like mauve, gold, violet and copper works magically with medium brown eyes. If you are looking for a funky look, experiment with green shades.

Light brown eyes are also quite captivating. If you have light brown eyes, do not overpower it with heavy makeup. In fact, use pale yellow color to define your eyes.  Also use a black eye liner to define your eyes and see how it works magic on your light colored brown eyes.

Hazel eyes are also quite captivating. For hazel colored eyes, champagne and mauve are best suited color options. Violet and bronze can also be used to give an electrifying look to your hazel eyes. Avoid using black eyeliner with hazel eyes.

Consider the Density

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Nighttime Makeup Options For Brown Eyes

Before deciding on your eye makeup, consider the dress you are going to wear. Whether it is a special or casual occasion, your eye makeup should completely go with the outfit to create an appealing look. Moreover, you must also consider your skin tone for best results. However, you can experiment with eye shadow of grey, silver, purple and blue to have awesome looking eyes. You should use the black or brown eyeliner and mascara (as per the shade of your eye color) to enhance your eyes.

Nighttime Makeup

Eye Liner/ Kohl For Brown Eyes

Eyeliner / kohl is applied on the upper and lower rims of your eye. However, some people avoid using it on upper eye lid. Eyeliner/ kajal is used to further enhance your small brown eyes. However, if your eyes are big enough then apply a thin line of eye liner/ kajal on your eye rims. Usually, kajal is only available in black shade.

However, versatile color choices are available in case of eyeliner. Make sure you choose brown or black tint for brown eyes. Moreover, use a smudge-free pencil eyeliner to avoid brushing after the application. Make your pencil sharp enough to draw a thin line before the application to get the best results.