Effective Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Meal Plan To Lose Weight

If you are keen to lose weight than it is imperative that along with exercises you pay close attention to your diet also. Merely exercising for long hours without paying attention to diet will not yield desired results. On the other hand, if you work out regularly and watch your diet also than you can be assured of getting optimum results in a shorter span of time.

Here, we present you a meal plan for losing weight which can be followed easily and which can help you lose weight quickly.

Meal Plan to Lose Weight

An effective meal plan aims to provide little amount of food every two hours so that body may feel loved and nourished and do not store fats.

Early Morning

Start your day with a glass of lime water in plain water. The water need not be hot and you need not add honey, salt, sugar or anything else. Simply take a glass of plain water at room temperature and squeeze half a lemon into it. Drink this water as first thing in the morning. Lime water helps in clearing bowels and speeds up metabolism, a basic function of body helpful in losing weight.

A glass of lime water in plain water

First tea of the day

After your regular exercises you can take your first cup of tea. If you want to drink tea before exercises, then make sure that you keep a gap of 30 minutes between lemon water and tea. You can take two Marie biscuits along with the tea. You should preferably drink sugar less tea.

Regular Exercises

If need be, you can add half a tea spoon of sugar and can gradually decrease the amount of sugar from your tea till you become comfortable drinking sugar free tea. We will not recommend taking sugar substitutes in your tea. These artificial sweeteners are linked with long term health problems and they do not let the sugar cravings go entirely. So, it will be best if you start cultivating the habit of drinking sugarless tea throughout the day.

sugar free tea



Opt for an early breakfast at around 9-9.30 a.m. In the breakfast you can choose out of a bowl of vegetable porridge or one stuffed vegetable parantha (the flour should be made of equal proportions of barley and grams grinded together), one cup of skimmed milk or a bowl of low fat curd and two boiled egg whites.


Mid-Morning Snack

After two hours, at around 11-11.30 a.m. you can have some mid-morning snacks like an apple or a small bowl of fruit salad and one cup of sugar free tea or a glass of buttermilk/soup / lemon water.

Mid-Morning Snack


Plan to have your lunch after about two hours of mid – morning snack at around 1-1.30 pm. Your lunch should be fiber rich and a simple meal. It can consist of one full plate of salt less salad (you can add lemon juice and herbs for seasoning), one dry chapatti made of same barley and gram flour, one small bowl of pulses/ kidney beans/chicken/fish and one bowl of low fat curd.


Evening Tea

Evening Tea should be taken again after an interval of two hours at around 3.30-4p.m. You can take a cup of sugar free tea or coffee and can have a handful of roasted grams as a snack or a small bowl of lightly steamed sprouts or two Marie biscuits.

Evening Tea

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Aim to take your dinner early in the evening at around 6.30-7pm. This is the best time for the body to have last full meal of the day. When eaten early, the process of digesting dinner also works as a fat burning process and helps in reducing weight. You can have one bowl of clear vegetable soup, one plate of salt free salad, one small bowl of pulses and one chapati in your dinner.


At bedtime you can take one cup of low fat milk and a teaspoon of psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is pure fiber and helps in speeding up bowel movements and helps in controlling hunger pangs.


However, if you feel that your stools have become too dried after taking psyllium husk than you can stop taking it.

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Foods to be Avoided

Certain foods which are high in sodium, sugar or calories should be avoided when you are on this diet plan. Deep fried foods, sweets, starchy foods like noodles, pasta, high salt foods like Chinese food, chaats and other junk foods should not be consumed during the period when you are on diet plan.

Some fruits like bananas, chickoos, mangoes, grapes, dates are also very high in sugar. They should be eaten moderately. Alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, squashes, syrups and all other kind of drinks which are loaded with sugar and calories should be avoided. If you are a non-vegetarian than eat lean meats only and avoid organ meats like kidney, liver, brain and egg yolks.

Avoid Junk foods

Foods that Can Be Taken Frequently

While most of the ‘tasty’ foods are a strict no-no when on diet plan, there are still some foods and drinks which are delicious and which are allowed in the diet plan. They are lemon water, sugar less tea and coffee, clear soups, green salads, raw vegetables, sprouts, fruit salads, etc.

If you suddenly feel a strong urge to eat something than you can choose from these foods. Tea and coffee are diuretic and acidic in nature hence their consumption should be limited in your diet. The best bet is to carry a fruit like apple or pear in your purse so that as soon as hunger strikes, you can quickly much on your healthy and filling snack and avoid bingeing later.


This is the menu plan for the entire day for people who want to lose weight quickly. To break the monotony, you can substitute the foods mentioned in the plan with other equally healthy foods. For example, sometimes instead of chapatti, you can have a small bowl of brown rice in lunch. In the same way, instead of vegetable porridge you can have two idlis in your breakfast. The idea is to eat healthy and low-fat meals at regular intervals to maintain the blood sugar levels and avoid the hunger pangs.