Effective Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Effective Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Effective Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin Most of us with dry skin would know how hard (and quite embarrassing) it would be to flaunt our arms and legs in designer outfits. The reason? Chapped, cracked and scaly skin that would be a horrible sight to look at! And no amount of moisturizing and makeup would make them look even a little bit pleasing!

Dry skin is quite a common complaint among many individuals and is usually caused by a low sebum count which is exactly the opposite of a high sebum count that can cause oily skin. Skin with low sebum levels can become very sensitive and dehydrated easily. As a result, the skin would end up looking dull, cracked, and chapped unless you keep on applying creams and moisturizers at regular intervals to keep it hydrated.

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin is not an external condition alone. It stems from within the body and reflects on the sebum count. And so, it needs to be treated both externally and internally. Here are some useful tips that would help you do that.

Cleansing Routine

Tap water would usually be hard and contain deposits that can harm your skin and make it drier and flakier. Whenever possible, opt for mineral water to wash your hands and face. Alternatively, you can use a plant sprayer to spray some mineral water on your skin before applying a moisturizer (preferably an air excluding one). This would keep your skin hydrated and supple for longer periods.

Avoid Soaps and Other Commercial Products

Soaps and other similar products can wash away the natural oils along with the dirt present on your skin. The natural oils help to protect the skin’s suppleness. Washing them away could make your skin feel dry and rough.

Products which are neutral (neither acidic nor alkaline) and non detergent are best suited for individuals with dry skin. You can also opt for gentle creams, lotions and cleansing agents to keep your skin moist and supple. Make it a point to wear gloves when you come in contact with washing soaps, powders and other alkaline products which can strip your skin off natural oils and leave it extremely dry.

Moisturize Generously

Make sure you don’t rub your skin vigorously after bathing. Rather, pat it gently with a towel and apply the moisturizer on damp skin to enable better absorption. Accordingly, you can opt for baby oil or simple homemade creams (preferably creams that contain ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile etc.) that are not heavy but rich enough to keep your skin moisturized for longer periods.

Effective Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Never scratch, pick or prod at dry skin. The more you do these, the more irritated your skin would become. Keep rubbing a gentle lotion or cream on the irritated/itchy area and keep it away from the water until the itchiness subsides. Alternatively, you can apply coconut oil or shea butter on the itchy area to soothe the affected area.

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Dietary Considerations

What you eat would reflect on your physical well being, both internally and externally. And what you eat could directly or indirectly be a reason for your skin condition. Did you know that the skin happens to be the largest organ in the human body? As such, it needs it daily quota of nourishment to remain soft, supple, and radiant. And there are other ways to achieve that than just sticking to skin nourishing supplements like B-Complex, Omega 3 oils and Vitamin E etc.

Essential oils are considered very effective for individuals with dry skin and can help restore the sebum levels in the body. This in turn can help prevent dry skin and a host of other problems like eczema that crop up with it. So make it a point to add plenty of essential oils to your existing diet. Good choices would be coconut oil, cod liver oil, fresh water fish oil, chamomile oil, lemon oil and Omega 3 oils and eggs etc.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in water content can also help keep your skin hydrated and soft, thereby preventing dryness. Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day can also keep your skin healthier and supple. Whenever you feel your skin becoming a bit dry or flaky, dab on some moisturizer and drink a glass of water. You will notice the difference soon enough!

Keep a Humidifier Handy

Come winter and you would probably expect your skin to look better. Wrong! Your skin can become dry even in the winter season owing to lack of moisture in the air. In such cases, it is considered best to employ a humidifier to restore moisture to your skin and the air around you. You can keep a humidifier in your home or workplace and switch it onn whenever you feel the surroundings becoming a bit too static. Make sure to clean the humidifier every once in a while though.