5 Effective Tips For Permanent Pubic Hair Removal

Permanent Pubic Hair Removal

Hair on any part of the body is meant for several biological reasons such as the proper protection of the skin and so on. However, it is common to remove hair from arms, legs, face and even pubic areas.Pubic hair removal has been done for a long time. It is especially required by models and actresses because of the clothing that may need to wear.

Pubic hair removal also falls under proper personal hygiene and etiquette. This is why many men and women nowadays shave their pubic hairs from time to time. Nevertheless pubic hair removal can be annoying because of the sensitivity of the region as well as for being a time consuming process.

There are various methods in which one can get rid of their pubic hair. These methods include shaving, waxing, and epilatory methods such as tweezing and plucking. However, the pubic region is one of the most delicate parts of the body, and shaving may cause irritations.

Hence the most popular and safe way to do pubic hair removal is to opt for permanent pubic hair removal. There are also different ways in which you can remove your pubichair such as by trimming, or by a Brazilian wax or a complete wax.

Permanent pubic hair removal is done by such processes as electrolysis, flash lamp treatments, and laser treatments. These methods are safer for pubic hair removal and also these processes are not required frequently and hence one can be hair free for quite some time. In addition, permanent pubic hair removal is a matter of one’s choice and so is the selection of the process of hair removal that one wants to go for. This article will elaborate on the ways in which you can opt for permanent pubic hair removal.

Laser treatments

Permanent pubic hair removal methods

Electrolysis method For Public Hair Removal

One of the most popular permanent methods to remove pubic hair is electrolysis. This is not only a popular method but also a successful and time tested method of pubic hair removal. In this process, electricity is passed through a metal probe that is placed into the hair follicles. The process does not involve any puncture or incision into the skin. The electricity that is transmitted through the metal probes damages the hair follicles.

In certain cases, the electricity is mixed with chemical, heat, salt and water to have different effects. In the method that uses chemicals, the electric current makes the salt and the water inside the body to react. The reaction produces sodium hydroxide also called lye, which destroys the cells that grow hair. Similarly, when heat energy is passed with the electric current, the hair follicles are destroyed.

The most important factor concerning the process of electrolysis is the fact that this process requires the presence of another individual who will work the electric current and hence a lot depends on the efficiency of the person concerned. This is the reason why electrolysis should preferably always be done by a professional.

Electrolysis method For Public Hair Removal

Light energy based treatments

Another method of permanent pubic hair removal is light based treatments. In this method, light energy is used to destroy the hair follicles. It is similar to the process of electrolysis with the only difference being that in the latter, electric current is used, and in the former, light energy is used. This treatment uses two sources of light energy – laser and flash lamps.

However, unlike in the method of electrolysis, in these light energy based treatments, the effect is much less. Thus while electrolysis can destroy the growth of pubic hair almost permanently, in light energy based treatments, there is primarily reduction in hair formation and not effective hair removal as such. Whereas the lasers use a lot of light energy, in the flash lamps, only light of a specific wavelength is used.

This process for hair removal is much more effective in hair removal from larger areas. Also this method has been found to be more effective for black hair rather than blond, brown or red hair. Like the process of electrolysis, light energy based pubic hair removal treatments require the help of a professional.

Light energy based treatments

Oral Medicines Treatment

Besides the above mentioned electronic methods for pubic hair removal, there are other methods as well. These methods include oral medications. These medicines are very effective in hair removal as well as in prevent the re-growth of hair. Nevertheless certain kinds of oral medicines may have side effects. Therefore it is better to consult a doctor before using oral pubic hair removal medicines, especially in the case of women.

Oral Medicines Treatment

Method Of Waxing

In the method of waxing, a waxing gel or cream is required. The gel or cream is applied onto the skin with the hair and a piece of muslin or waxing removal strips are applied on top of the creams. The cloth or waxing strip is pressed down on the skin for a few seconds and then pulled off against the direction of the hair growth.

Waxing is effective but not for a very convenient process of pubic hair removal given the nature of the area. Also, since skin around the pubic region is sensitive and delicate, the waxing process may inflame or otherwise irritate the skin. Also, before applying wax on the pubic region you can test the wax on some part of the skin to see whether there is any allergic reaction to the wax.

Method Of Waxing

Other methods of pubic hair removal

There are two other methods of pubic hair removal known as transcutaneous and transdermal electrolysis. These processes are performed by passing electricity or adhesive patches. These processes damage the hair follicles reducing further growth of pubic hair.

There are some advantages of pubic hair removal such as the area remains clean which prevents fungal infection. Also, the hair free area allows for increased circulation of air to the pubic region. One disadvantage of permanent pubic hair removal is that it is expensive and since the hair growth cannot completely be stopped it becomes a recurring expense.

Other methods of pubic hair removal