Effective Tips For Winter Skin Care

winter skin care tips

winter skin care tipsWith winter around the corner, the cold wind will brutalize and make it seem impossible to maintain the softness and glow of your skin. But if you follow some basic steps, it will ensure you enjoy the weather without letting it rid your skin of its beauty.

The most essential step is to intake at least 8 glasses of water every day, even though during winters the intake of water tends to go down. This will make the skin glow and maintain its elasticity.

Effective Tips for Winter Skin Care


It is a very common notion that the sun is not harsh during winters, and so applying sunscreen is not necessary. In reality, the sun is bad for the skin, irrespective of the weather. When going out on a winter day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. The SPF can range from 15-25. A good night cream is essential in winters.

Before sleeping, wash face and apply the cream when the skin is damp. The cream will get absorbed by the skin better and easily. Make sure you continue your daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This helps remove the dead skin cells and aid the new skin cells to emerge, keeping your skin soft and appear more youthful.

Hands and Feet

Our hands and feet tend to become dry and rough, especially around the cuticles during winters. It is vital to apply a moisturizer on the hands and feet to help retain its softness. I personally advise the Nivea Hand and Feet Lotion.

winter skin care tips

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Also, as during winters our feet are covered most of the time, heals tends to crack due to dryness. Petroleum jelly and glycerin help get rid of dryness quick and it keeps feet moisturized for longer periods.

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A hot water bath always does the trick to relax the body during winters. But avoid taking bath in too hot water as it washes away the natural oils of the skin. It is recommended to put a couple of drops of oil in the bath water as this helps control the oil content of the body and helps retain the lost moisture.

Also, massaging olive oil can keep the skin soft and supple. If you don’t wish to use oil, a good body lotion will preserve the softness of the skin. I personally advise Jergens as a good body lotion.


Foremost, avoid licking your dry lips and biting the dead skin peeling on the surface of the lips. It can result in drying your lips further and it bleeding from the cracked parts. Always keep on you and apply a natural lip balm to keep them supple. I personally recommend Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer (Norwegian Formula).

A quick home remedy is applying ghee with cotton and leaving it on for about 20 minutes. This will keep your lips soft for a very long while. For women who cannot do without their lip colour, make sure you apply lip balm on your lips before applying lip colour. This will keep your lips soft as well as hold the colour for a longer period.

With these basic steps, say hello to a beautiful winter and a beautiful you.