Effective Tips to Apply Vibrant Eye Shadow

Effective Tips to Apply Vibrant Eye Shadow

Effective Tips to Apply Vibrant Eye ShadowEye shadow makeup has the most number of color selections and the widest variants. There are sticks, creams, gels, powder, and pencils. Some eye shadow can be applied as a cheek tint as well, which works great as it makes them easy to carry around for a quick retouch.

Even highlighters have come a long way. But what is most amazing is that the consumers are learning to be experimental and adventurous, becoming bolder with their choice of eye makeup.

However, not everyone have the skill to apply it correctly. You could end up looking weird if not done properly especially if the colors are not blending to the rest of your total look.

Want to know how? Read these effective tips!

Learn from these simple, effective steps and, as they say, practice makes perfect. You’ll soon find yourself doing it like a pro.

Tip#1: Getting your colors ready.

Choose eye shadow colors that can accentuate your eyes and skin tone, and the entire effect of your makeup. As a guide, eye shadows in brown hues are perfect for blue eyes. Lilac or purple hues will work great on brown eyes for individuals with black or olive skin tones. If you have fair and pinkish skin, you should avoid pink and purple shades.

Tip#2: Learning how to blend colors.

It is generally difficult to blend colors because we sometimes go overboard with our fancies. We tend to use too many colors without realizing that they are practically fighting with each other. How do you blend them? You will need a good blunt-ended brush to get good results.

Normally, we see 3 eye shadow combinations commonly applied, but 2 shades will work just fine. Gently apply the base. Rich and soft colors make the best base. Start from the inner corner of your eyelid working towards the outer corner and from the base of your eyelashes to the eyelid crease. The eye shadow should get lighter as you go up. The second shade must be deeper. Apply it only on your eyelid crease.

However, if you still want to highlight, use only the lightest color and apply it only along your brow bone.  It should end just a little bit under the outer tips of your eyebrows.

Tip#3:  Keep it natural.

Natural means light. Avoid bright and heavy makeup. Lipstick in skin-tone shades will work great for a vibrant result.