Effective Toning Exercises For A Slim And Athletic Body

Toning Exercises for a Slim

Toning Exercises for a Slim Ever wondered why in spite of exercising so hard and losing so much weight, you still tend to look bulgy at certain areas of the body? This may be because you would be losing weight with all those rigorous exercises. However, you would not be losing weight in the correct places.

Regular exercises help to reduce the fat stores present in the body. When this happens, the muscles (and skin) in the area begin to sag, giving a flabby appearance to the body. This explains why some individuals tend to look flabby even after exercising rigorously.

The best way to achieve a thin, slender frame with exercises is to couple your workout routines with toning exercises that would target the flabby areas of the body. These toning routines will strengthen the muscles in the fat free areas and reduce excess skin folds to give a sculpted look to the body.

So if you really want to lose weight and look like you did, here are some of the best toning exercises that would work wonders on your body.

Effective Toning Exercises for a Slim and Athletic Body

Normal Push Ups

No toning routine would be complete without the standard pushups that target the flab zones in the arms.

Normal Push Ups

If you are a beginner, you can start off on your knees and then progress to doing pushups on your toes with practice. Make sure your body remains straight and your hands are placed close together while doing the exercise. For best results, opt for 10 counts (1 set) and 5 sets a day.

Spider Man Press Ups

The back of your arms tend to attract extra flab. Here’s a toning routine that would work on this area of the body in addition to targeting other areas like the chest, abs, hips and buttocks.

Get down on the ground and balance your body on your hands and feet just like you would do for pushups. Your arms need to be extended so that your body forms a straight line (from head to heel). Now press down and bend your elbows 90 degrees, moving your right knee to the side of your body at hip level. Your right knee and elbow should touch.

Press up and come back to your original position. Do this routine 8 times and then switch sides. Follow it up with 2 sets for each side.

Sunburst Slimmer

Another variant of the pushup would involve placing your elbows nearer to your ribs while doing the routine. Get down on all fours for the pushup. Now extend your right leg behind you, making sure your toes are pointed and your leg remains parallel to the ground.

Sunburst Slimmer

Press down on your elbows and move your torso forward to the point where your chest and chin almost touch the ground. Lift your right leg in the air as you do this. Maintain this stance for about 5 counts and return back to your original position. Repeat this routine for 2 sets on each side (1 set would equal 5 repetitions).


Crunches target the upper abdominal area and can be easily performed with practice. All you need to do is lie down on the floor, bend your knees and then raise your upper torso so that your head touches your knees. Use only your fingertips to support your head as you reach up.

Focus on your stomach muscles and use them to lift your body from the floor. Reach the knees and the come back to your normal position, inhaling as you do so (exhale as you go up). Do 10 reps to form 1 set and follow it up with 5-6 sets on a daily basis.

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These toning routines effectively target the flab filled zones in the lower abdominal region. Lie down straight on the floor (on your back). Place your hands below your buttocks. Slowly raise your legs from the ground, making sure you use only the lower abdominal muscles to do this. Raise your legs 90 degrees and then lower them down slowly. Repeat the routine for about 10 counts (1 set) and follow it up with 8 sets every day.

Oblique Twists

Aimed at toning the oblique muscles in the abdominal region, oblique twists are similar to crunches. Lie down on the ground (flat on your back). Bend your knees and place your right ankle on your left knee. Place your hands behind your head and raise your body upwards.

Oblique Twists

Touch (or attempt to touch) your right ankle with your left elbow.  Once again, focus on your stomach muscles to do this routine and do 8 reps for each side (1 set). Follow it up with 5 sets for quick and effective results.

Walking Lunges

These routines target the muscles at the back of your leg. Keep your right foot in front of your left foot. Bend your right knee forward in a 90 degree angle and your left knee towards the floor. Your front left heel should be placed firmly on the floor and the left knee should be positioned directly above the center of the left foot.

Keep your body upright. Now lunge forwards by taking a step, making sure you use the muscles on the left leg to thrust your body upwards. Repeat the routine for 8 counts and switch sides. Follow up with 5 sets for each side.

Standing Squats

Another very effective routine that targets the lower half of your body, the standing squat would require you to stand straight with your legs slightly apart (shoulder width would work well). Stretch your arms forward and slowly lower your body to a sitting position (as if you are sitting on a chair).

Standing Squats

Keep your upper body upright and balance your weight with your heels. Maintain this posture for about 5 counts and get back up by pushing through your heels. Repeat the routine for about 10 counts for 1 set. Do 8-10 sets on a daily basis for best results.


This routine would target the hips and buttocks in particular. Get down on the ground on all fours. Keep your hands close together and extend your left leg behind you (parallel to the ground and at hip level). With the toes pointed out, move your extended left leg slowly towards the side of your body.

Maintain this posture for about 5 counts and come back to your original position. Repeat this routine for about 8-10 counts before switching sides. Follow up with 2 sets of the routine for each side on a daily basis.

Standing Calf Raises

Targeting your back leg muscles, standing calf raises are quite simple to perform but very effective in reducing extra flab at the back of your legs. Stand upright in front of a wall. Place your fingertips on the wall and raise your right leg to chest level so that your left leg balances the entire body. Now raise the back heel of your left leg slowly until the complete body balance shifts to the toes.

Maintain this posture for about 5 counts and come down to your original position. Switch sides and repeat the routine. Follow up with about 8-10 sets of calf raises for both legs on a daily basis to get trim and toned legs.

In addition to opting for these toning routines, you can include other interesting varieties to your existing workout routine. Remember, losing weight does not matter unless you lose weight in the right places. So opt for these toning exercises on a regular basis to achieve a toned, sculpted body everyone would go ‘gaga’ for.