Effective Treatment For Psoriasis

Effective Treatment For Psoriasis

Effective Treatment For Psoriasis Psoriasis – is a skin disease in which swelling appears in the form of patches on different parts of skin, foot, palm, knees and hands. The patches are usually reddish, brownish, or silvery white in appearance. Psoriasis is recognized in different types depending on the place of occurrence.

Treatment for Psoriasis

So far, medical scientists are not able to find out a highly fruitful and permanent treatment for Psoriasis. But various effective drugs and other techniques of treating it are being developed. Majority of these researches are made by Doctors and medical scientists in order to deliver rapid results that are not only effective but also the ones that would induce minimal side effect.

The treatment for this disease will be effective and long lasting if the disease is recognised at an early stage and the treatment for the same is started immediately. Then the severity of this disease is comparatively less. As its severity develops, the treatment would become less effective and frequent re-treatment would become eminent.

Types of Treatment

Treatment for all sorts are available to cure this ailment. But, the major medications would be noted herein. Treatment for Psoriasis is of two types.

Topical Treatment: where, the treatment is given on the surface of inflated parts, by applying ointments etc.
Systemic Treatment: Where the treatment is given by pouring drugs into the body by pills and/or injections.

Apart from this ‘Alternative Therapy’ methods are also available which believe to control the disease. A brief introduction to available treatments can be given here now, for the benefit of readers:

Topical Treatments

This includes the –bath solutions, use of moisturisers, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc, to reduce the dryness of the skin . Apart from that, medical creams and ointments are directly applied on the affected parts.

Effective Treatment For Psoriasis

By this, the scales formed on the patches reduce, and inflation is controlled. These ointments are prepared by using coal tar, Dithranol, Cortico steroids, Vitamin D3 etc. This Vitamin D helps to prevent the spreading of the disease.

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Photo Therapy

Photo therapy is another method of external treatment practiced in treating Psoriasis. It means, exposing the body to sunlight which posses the wave length of 311- 313 nm. In this case, A chemical called Psoralen is also administered. Ultraviolet A kind of rays cure or control the disease in this method.

Systemic Treatments

Some medicines are now produced and presented in the form of pills and injections to control/cure this diseases. They are-Methotrexate and Cyclosphorine which support the immune system in the body and control the disease.Another drug is ‘Retenoid’ chemical which contains synthesized Vitamin –A.

Another group of drugs called ‘Biologics’ is developed in 2008, by American scientists. They are synthesized proteins. They are proved to be effective. Some other antibodies like-Infleximob, Adalimubab, Golimubab, etc. are also used now in treating Psorasis. These are proved fruitful.

Apart from such treatments ‘Alternative therapies’ like- Diets with fish oil, exercises, Giving up smoking and Alcohol, good sleep habits etc, are also found to have impact in dealing with Psoriasis. Anyway, treatment for this disease should be done only under the supervision of a doctor. Self medication can be fatal.