2 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Those Pimples

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Those Pimples

Have you been wondering what causes those pimples and what could be the best way to get rid of them?

Before discussing the solution to your problem, it will be worthwhile to understand what causes pimples to grow and what to do about it.

Get Rid Of That Ingrown Hair

Your pimple has developed because of hair follicles that did not normally develop in the skin. This may be because there could a cut under the skin, and hair grows abnormally inside the skin instead of outside. This is what we call an ingrown hair – that can develop into painful bumps that we call pimples.

When such a thing occurs, it can lead to infection and generation of pus in the affected area.  Since this is internal, solutions like gels and creams will not be effective to cure pimples.

To allow the hair to grow outside in a normal manner, it would be advisable to leave the pimple. You should not touch, or pop it.  However, by leaving it as it is, you will feel the pain caused by the irritation resulting from the ingrown hair.

To attack the root of the problem, which is the ingrown hair, you may want to use sterilized tweezers or needles to get rid of the ingrown hair.  After removing the ingrown hair, you can squeeze the pus out completely.  Carefully remove the pus so it will not cause infection and worsen the problem.

This process removes the ingrown hair and addresses the infection evident in the pus within the affected skin area.

Use sterilized tweezers


If you will exfoliate regularly, you will remove dead skin cells unclogging the pores in your skin.  This will avoid the occurrence of pimples.  This also promotes regular cleaning of your skin and it removes the excess dirt and oil that normally cause the production of pimples.

Since you already know that ingrown hair causes pimples, it is worth noting that people with curly hair are more likely to have ingrown hair. This is because curly hair cannot come out of the skin as easily as straight hair, and therefore, the possibility of developing ingrown hair is high.  Hence, regular exfoliation for curly-haired people is advised, to avoid acne or pimple problems.

Now that you know the reason for the development of pimples, you are now equipped with the knowledge to prevent pimples from growing and have a healthy looking skin instead.