Effective Ways To Treat Hair Fall

Effective Ways To Treat Hair Fall

Effective Ways To Treat Hair Fall For preventing hair loss, you must consume healthy foods and drink enough water. For healthy and shining hair, clean the hair properly. Proper sleep helps in preventing hair fall. Some treatments for hair fall are as follows –

Tips to Treat Hair Fall

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss include herbs, diet and aromatherapy. Some other helpful techniques are meditation, oil massage, yoga and breathing techniques. It is important to have bowel movements daily. If you have constipation, take a natural Ayurvedic laxative like Triphala.

Aloe Vera

For preventing hair fall, drink Aloe Vera juice. Add one-tablespoon Aloe Vera gel to a little cumin. Add Triphala powder to Aloe Vera and take this.


Massage the scalp daily for five to ten minutes. This helps in the prevention of hair fall by improving blood circulation. Rub the scalp and feet soles with lukewarm oil. Use coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil or almond oil before sleeping at night two times in a month. Rub the scalp with vitamin E oil and Brahmi oil. Use medicated oils like mahabhringaraj and amla oil. Mix coconut oil and lime juice, and apply on the scalp. Boil some lemon leaves, cool the solution and rinse the hair with it. Wash the hair with a natural shampoo.

Herbal Serum

Apply herbal serum on the scalp and massage. Leave it overnight so that it penetrates properly. In the morning, rinse the serum with a conditioner. The serum helps in nourishing the hair follicles and prevents itchiness. Instead of serum, you can use hair restoration treatment.


Some foods that help in the prevention of hair fall are white sesame seeds, yogurt, milk, buttermilk, sprouts, soybeans, green leafy vegetables, salads, fruits, yeast, whole grains, sprouts and nuts. Foods rich in protein and Iron prevent hair fall. Coconut water, nuts, apple, Beetroots and jaggery also help in hair fall control.


Effective Ways To Treat Hair Fall

Ayurvedic herbs help in improving the blood circulation, disinfecting the scalp and improving the hair growth. Rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar, sage tea, burdock tea, licorice, marshmallow tea and horsetail. For hair growth, massage the scalp with stinging nettle, birch, horsetail as well as rosemary.

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Neem Paste

For preventing hair fall, apply ground neem leaves paste or neem oil to the scalp before bathing. Wash the hair with herbal shampoo.


For preventing hair fall, consume gooseberry and its juice. Massage the scalp with a mixture of gooseberry paste, shikakai as well as neem leaves. Wash the hair after one hour.

Hair Loss Medicines

Propecia and minoxidil are the medicines, which help in stopping hair fall. Herbal supplements like Hair Vitalics contain nutrients, which prevent hair loss.

Clinical Treatment

Many clinical treatments help in promoting hair growth. It includes steam, massage, ultra violet therapy and laser. Some other treatments are scalp treatment and infrared therapy.

Laser Comb

For promoting hair growth, comb the hair with a laser comb for ten to twenty minutes. Laser comb is a medical device that treats hair fall effectively. When the laser comb is used regularly for twelve weeks, it results in a thick hair growth. There is no need of a prescription for using the laser comb. People can use it at their home.

Tips for Hair Care

Do not tie the hair with harsh things like clips and bands. Do not tie the hair tightly. For protecting the hair from the sun as well as dust, cover the head when you go out in direct sunlight.