Eight Natural Cure For Cough

Eight Natural Cure For CoughCoughing is a very common problem among people today. Many of us have to suffer because of it. Cough is usually wet or dry. It is always advised to cure cough with natural remedies.

If natural remedies do not work then we should consult the doctor but first we shall always try to cure it with natural cures. Natural remedies have a lot of benefits. They are much more effective and try to cure problems for a longer period unlike tablets which are a temporary cure.

Sometimes we may have coughing for a very small period of time and sometimes it can stretch for a longer time. If coughing is continuous for over two weeks then it is always advised to consult your doctor and take medical attention. There are many natural remedies which a person can use for curing cough.

Top Eight Natural Cure For Cough

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is said to be very one of the most easiest and common cures for cough. A person can add a little bit of ginger o the lemon tea. Ginger is said to contain properties which help in curing spells of cough.

Lemon Tea

Ginger is also very soothing which helps to keep our body hydrated and acts as an antidote to coughing.

Honey And Aloe Vera

You can purchase a bottle of aloe vera juice from any pharmacy. Then add two spoons of honey to a glass of aloe vera juice. It is said to be a great cure for cough and especially dry cough.


Inhaling steam

Inhaling steam is one of the highly recommended natural remedies for cough. This will help to release mucus in the affected passage. Inhaling steam will also make you feel refreshed.


Gurgling is one of the oldest and easiest natural remedies for clearing your throat. A person shall gurgle in salt water as it proves to be a great remedy for curing an infected throat and in curing the much aggravated coughing.



Have a peppermint candy or take one or two drops of peppermint oil in a glass of water. this helps in reducing the cough that a person has been suffering through.


Honey is one of the very effective ways to cure cough. Honey can be consumed after a meal. A person can take one or two spoons of honey. Honey acts as a topical anti biotic which helps in suppressing the bacterial causes of cough.



A person shall have pineapple when he has a bad cough. Pineapple is said to breakdown the mucus congestion as it contains an ingredient known as bromelain. This is anti inflammatory. Therefore, pineapple helps in reducing cough.

Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal tea is an effective way of reducing excessive coughs. Herbal teas are very soothing for a sore throat and reduces cough. They also contain vitamin C.

These are very effective natural remedies for cough. A person having excessive coughing shall try natural remedies before consulting a doctor. Nothing works better than natural remedies. These do not have any side effects and do not harm our body. Natural cures are the best gifts that have been given to us by the nature. We shall use them first rather than taking medicines.