EMO Makeup

emo-makeupThe general notion about makeup is that it can only be applied on the female skin. But there is one such make up which can be applied both on males as well as females. This type of makeup has similarities with punk and Goth make up. It combines the darkness of the Goth make up with amusing and unique child-like touches, like colorful and shimmery glitters, hearts and stars.

Start this make up by powdering the face. It will give a pale effect on the face. The next thing to be applied is mascara. Apply it very carefully and clean the clumps or splotches. Next, apply very artistically eye liner on the upper as well as the lower eye lid. Apart from black eyeliner you can use dark color eyeliner like midnight blue, forest green or charcoal grey. The most easily used eye liners are the liquids eyeliners. Eye shadow is followed by the eye liner. Use a glittery eye shadow and apply it well on the upper lid as well as the lower lashes. For best results use a contrasting color eye shadow, for example, silver looks very good with a blue eye liner and pink looks amazing with a grey eye liner. Artistically create a design on the sides of the eyes with the eye liner. Apply lot of mascara to give your eyes a complete look. You can also go for flowers and cat’s eye shapes to look more different and attractive.

Use a very dark and bold lip color like deep red to give your make up an attractive look. You can also opt for lip gloss. A lilac lip gloss looks amazing. It is very essential to use the right lip color as it will balance the complete look of the face without focusing on the lips. In emo make up blush is not really recommended as it can detract the attention from the eyes.  Finish the emo make up with the spray of a light mist of water. It helps the make up to last for a longer duration.