Essential Excercises in PMS

Essential excercises in PMS

Essential excercises in PMSPost my PMS, I took it seriously to share with you all information about the Pre menstrual syndrome. PMS is so common in young girls today that it is almost taking face of another threatened life-style disease . It is characterized by over 200 different physical and psychological symptoms. If left untreated, it disturbs the daily life in a big way.

Regular phases of mood-swings, irregular menses and having a very sensitive nature just a few symptoms of PMS. Exercising is one form of treatment in PMS. This boosts the endorphins in body which aid in healing. But vigorous exercises are completely restricted. There are over 12 different effective exercises. The abdomen swelling is the most prominent visible pms symptoms.

Most women think it as Fat and do vigorous exercise to have a flat tummy. But this only worsens the condition. Jogging, jumping, heavy cycling is will only disturb the hormonal imbalance further.

To have a flat tummy all you need to do is to lie down on your back, body straight. Fold one leg towards stomach, pushing it towards stomach by pressure of hands. Count till 10 then release. Do the same with the next leg. Next, do it with both legs folded together. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily. You may increase its number as comfortable to you.

For the hip region, stand straight against wall. Twist and touch each hip against the wall. First right then left. Go on doing it as long as it is comfortable to you. I can do it for 30 mins in one time.

For the side abs, lie down. Keep hands spread out, perpendicular to thighs. Using right abs, twist towards left, keeping hands and feet stagnant.

Go for long, moderate speed, walks for 45 mins. Drinks lots of water and if possible take green tea once daily. Its amazing antioxidant properties will help you recover soon.