Essential Skin Care For Aging Skin

Essential Skin Care For Aging Skin

Essential Skin Care For Aging Skin We can’t stop our birthdays and we really can’t stop the ever-moving time and with that, comes along the unwanted skin aging. With our passing age, our skin tends to lose its natural oils more rapidly and makes our skin saggy and loose. Now, who likes that kind of skin? So here one must make sure to properly give a good amount of care to his skin.

With a proper and regular skin care regime, most of the skin aging issues like flakiness, tightness, age spots or wrinkles can be easily dealt with. Stay with us on this to fight the battle of skin aging. Following are some effective and easy tips of skin care for aging skin. Make sure to adapt them as a part of your daily life.

Skin Care Tips for Aging Skin

Give Maximum Protection to Your Skin

You need to give maximum and complete protection to your skin from direct sun rays or stormy and dirty winds. You need to use sunscreen on your face, necks and hands whenever you are going out in the sun. The scorching sun heat is extremely harmful to our skin and if left exposed can lead to many skin issues.

Moreover, one should only get a good quality sunscreen or lotion which is capable of blocking UVA and UVB rays and contains SPF 15 or more. This will work as a great protection for your skin and will prevent wrinkles, age spots and tanning. But, your job of applying sun screen is not complete here!

You should use it atleast two to three times in a day, especially if you are outdoors or while swimming. If you can’t do this on regular basis, make sure to wear maximum covered clothes in the exposure of sun. Wearing long sleeves, leggings and wide hats will serve as a full time guard against the sun rays.

Treat Your Skin Gently

Treat your skin as gently and lovingly as possible. Remember if you want your skin to look good and glowing, you need to give it proper care and attention. People who have extremely dry and sensitive skin should limit their bathing time to the maximum possible extent. Being in a hot or cold water bath for too long is capable of removing away all the natural oils and moisture of your skin and leaves behind a dry and dull skin.

Essential Skin Care For Aging Skin

Moreover, one should always use only warm water for baths. Only mild and gentle soaps and body washes should be used as using a harsh soap on your body can damage your skin. After bathing, you should never try to rub your skin with towel. Instead, give a gentle and light handed sponge. Extra protection should be taken care during shaving or cleaning your skin from unwanted hair.

It’s best to apply a shaving cream or a lotion before shaving to prevent any cuts, bruises or wounds. Lastly, nourish your skin with a good moisturiser that provides adequate proteins and moisture to your skin. You should not limit the use of moisturizer during winter season only, but moisturizing your skin in summers is also necessary. You can also use different kinds of skin oils in place of moisturizers.

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Keep Unwanted Stress Away

There is nothing worse for your skin if you are in habit of loading your mind with unnecessary and stressful thoughts. Stress not only harms your mind, but it plays a major role in making your skin very sensitive and dull. Living in a constant state of stress will trigger acne breakouts and initiates rapid aging.

So, keep that stress piles away and make yourself more happy. A good way to fight stress is by shifting your thoughts and frequencies in doing things which makes you happier. Do anything that puts a smile on your face. Don’t forget that inner happiness reflects on the outside! So, if you put yourself in a happy mood, your skin will automatically look brighter, healthier and better.

Be Cautious While Using Skin Products

Essential Skin Care For Aging Skin

Most often, we use skin products without any knowledge or professional advice and hence, the results sometimes can be very damaging to the skin. It’s always to do a bit of survey before buying or using a skin product. A good way is to check the ingredients of the product and make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients in it.

Some of the potential skin damaging components include menthol, lime, lemongrass, added fragrances and oils. Another better option is to consult your skin dermatologist before risking your skin with an unknown product.