Essential Tips For Dry Skin

Essential Tips For Dry Skin

Essential Tips For Dry Skin You will often notice that your skin gets too dry during winters. Dry skin is considered too sensitive so you must take proper care of your skin. The main reason behind it is the loss of natural lipid layer due to low temperatures, low humidity and strong and harsh winds. You will notice that usually women below 35 years of age come across dry skin due to lack of natural oil formation in their bodies.

Tips for Dry Skin

Using Lukewarm Water

Make sure to use lukewarm water and not hot water for bathing, washing your hands or any other body part because hot water robs skin of all moisture causing dry skin. Skip hot tubs and even try to take bath only once in a day during winter if you use hot water. Hot temperature is a torture to the skin. If you notice that your skin is turning red when you wash it the reason may be too hot water. Don’t spend much time in water as it can leave your skin less hydrated.


Moisturize your skin after every wash. If your skin feels tight or taut than it is indicating that it’s time for you to add moisture to your skin. Moisturizer will help you to keep your skin soft and supple. If you want best results you must pat your dry skin instead of rubbing it with towel before applying your lotion.

You can even try moisturizing masks every week. You should even keep your feet and hands supple. Use olive oil to keep your cuticles soft. You can even use milk cream to moisturize your skin. You can even use honey or curd because curd is considered an excellent skin hydrant and honey helps to lock moisture. Use can even pat your body with virgin coconut oil or cocoa butter because it contains essential oils, skin friendly vitamins and nourishing ingredients. Don’t just moisturize your face in fact moisturize your whole body. If you fail to get a good moisturizer you can even use aloe vera gel.


You can exfoliate your skin with salt or sugar scrub. Use mild scrub made for faces to exfoliate your face. Moisturizer shows better results on exfoliated skin because moisturizer does not soak in properly if your face is covered with dead cells.

Essential Tips For Dry Skin

Dead skin can give us dull complexion so you must exfoliate to get rid of top dead layer of skin. You can use your washcloths, loofah or dry brush to exfoliate. Exfoliate once or twice a week and don’t over- exfoliate.

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Skipping Drying Soaps

Always skip drying soaps and stick with creamy moisturizing cleanser. These cleansers contain glycerin or petrolatum. You can even opt bath oils or oatmeal scrubs which are great for soothing itchy skins. You must stop using scented soaps, antibacterial soaps, deodorant bars or any other product containing alcohol. You can use mild, fragrance free soaps or soap substitutes that will help you to moisturize your skin too. Prefer natural based good quality soaps.

Protecting Your Lips

Lips tend to dry out more quickly than other body parts as it retains less moisture. Licking your lips again and again will not help it to gain moisture instead will dry them out more. Use lip balms to keep your lips soft. You can even exfoliate your lips with the help of petroleum jelly and toothbrush. It will help you to get rid of scaly lips and will make your lips extra soft.

Protecting Your Face

You have too sensitive skin so avoid washing your face with tap water as it contains harsh minerals which can make your skin drier. You can use bottled spring water to wash your face. Don’t forget to moisturize your face after washing it. Use alcohol free cleaning lotions, toner or cosmetic milk to clean your face. They will help you to refresh your dry skin without causing irritation. Use night creams because they are considered very important especially for dry skin.


You must make changes in your diet and should eat fish because it contains omega 3 which is good for your skin. Omega 3 is considered very healthy and supporting for dry skin. While protecting your face don’t forget to protect your hands and feet and do get good quality washing lotions and creams for your hands and foot. Consider oils your best friends.

Follow the above tips regularly and give your skin time to heel itself naturally. Don’t forget to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday to keep yourself hydrated.

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